Good Fat and Bad Fat – Are They Different?

You probably at some point heard that you need to keep away from fat. It was not known that good fat and bad fat had a difference. So everyone began producing fat free food but could not see why people were still gaining weight. The truth is not all not all fat is bad; in fact your body needs specific types of fats to stay healthy and even drop in weight. This article divulges what the difference is between good fat and bad fat.

Good Fat and Bad Fat List

Its essential that your body recieves the proper fats to store energy Also, fat is needed so that your body can absorb the many necessary nutrients. The good fats and bad fats are found in the following

Good Fat

HDL – high-density lipoproteins also known as good cholesterol
Monounsaturated Fat – fats found in plant oils and nuts  
Polyunsaturated Fat – found in fish and vegetable oils

Bad Fat

LDL – Low density lipoproteins
Saturated Fat – found in red meat
Trans Fat – found in deep fried foods and food cooked in high temperature liquid oils
Animal Fat

How to Increase Good Fats

In your diet be sure to decrease the amount of bad fat that you consume and by doing this you will burn fat. If you can eat better and healthier meat plus eat more fish and shell fish you will reduce your bad fat intake. One of the sources that you get the most fat from is meant. The meats to stay away from are ones marbled in fat, salami, and hot dogs. Instead, substitute for chicken and turkey but be sure to buy the skinless. By eating shell fish and other fish you will be able to reduce cholesterol levels that are harmful and at the same time increase metabolism.Now, the next time you are shopping for food remember to pick the stuff that will benefit your health and at the same time help you lose weight.

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Some Facts About Fiber Diet.

If you’ve been looking for a way towards a healthy diet, you’ll find fiber to be exactly what you need. Research result has shown a very positive sign of fiber diets, but still this nutrient has not gained popularity among people.

To help you fuel your health with fiber, here are 07 facts to help.

1.  Fiber battles against diseases. A high fiber diet can help to prevent colon cancer and heart disease. High fiber helps the body to eliminate cholesterol by binding it in the digestive tract. For thousands of years, fiber has been used to stop constipation.

2. The problem of over-eating can be solved by fiber rich diet. Fiber rich food take longer to chew and digest, so you don’t feel hungry every now and then tempting to overeat.

3.  If you are interested in some low fat high fiber diet then you can consider taking Oat bran, Oatmeal and Bran cereals. Dietary fiber is actually plant matter that we cannot digest. 

4.  More fiber needs more water. Inorder for the fiber to move through your digestive track, you require to consume a lot of water. On an average 8 to 12 glasses of water should be consumed every day, with your fiber diet.

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What is Vitamin Deficiency?

Having good vitamins levels is essential towards living a healthy life; good vitamin levels mean improved bone and muscular strength, improved immune system, improved eyesight among other things.  Yet, many people suffer from vitamin deficiency mainly because of a poor nutrition; you see, we get most vitamins from food, except perhaps vitamin D which we get from the rays of the sun.

Common types of vitamin deficiency problems include lack of vitamins K, A, D, and B12.  A vitamin deficiency will not only give us bad numbers when we go for a medical check-up but will also have a negative impact in your life, depending on what the vitamin is useful for.Issues can include anemia, anxiety, depression, bleeding and even a retardation in children growth. Let’s see some of the signs of the common types of vitamin deficiencies.

Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency. Insomnia, tiredness, lack of appetite, night blindness, poor smell sensitivity, poor steroid synthesis, dry skin problems, increased risk of cancer development.

Vitamin K Deficiency Symptoms. Poor strength development of muscle and bone (presenting as rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis) Mouth and throat burning, insomnia, diarrhea and eye problems.

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What to Look for in a Juicer

The field of Breville juice extractors is one that features a variety of professional-grade items. Not one of the other extractors are as fast as the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, however. This extractor from Breville runs at a high rate to remove juices with speed and with amazing efficiency. It is convenient that this is a dishwasher safe item.

This juice extractor uses one of the fastest and most revved-up engines for juice extractors. It can run at speeds all the way to thirteen thousand revolutions per minute. This is perfect for the ability to manage the hardest types of fruits and vegetables that can be very hard to juice sometimes. Additionally, it may be set at a more measured speed that is about half the speed of its fast setting. This can be perfect for more dainty fruits and vegetables.

One way that the juicer works is that it is able to grinding foods with no hassle. The Breville Juice Fountain Elite features over a hundred conical knives inside of the juicer to assist with grinding materials. The filter located at the end is particularly helpful, as well, because it contains close to forty thousand pores to help with keeping any solid parts of the juice out.

One example of how fast this extractor works is that it can make you a glass of juice in mere seconds. When turned on at its maximum power, an eight-ounce cup of apple juice can be extracted from apples in just five seconds. Of course, it could take a bit longer for other types of foods that can be juiced, but no matter what ingredient has been chosen, it does not take very long to get the materials to be completely juiced.

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Handy advice to detox your body

When we’ve had a bit too much to drink or we simply need some time to purify our bodies of the usual stress we need to detox. This word is most associated with someone with an incredible hangover but you can just detox your body over a period of time just to make yourself feel better. The obvious ways to detox your body that we all know is just to drink lots and lots of water, but there are other ways that you detox your mind, for example, you can check yourself into a nearby spa and get a full body wrap which will also help exfoliate your skin and eradicate impurities.There are plenty of centre’s which offer numerous treatments like body exfoliation, facial therapies and massages. All of these are great ways to get the body to just un-wind. If you are working in a city for example and you find it hard to get the time to relax then taking one Saturday down to a spa would be the perfect remedy to cure your mind and body.

Other forms of detoxing the body are just to eat well and get some exsercise. Try not to eat fatty and un-healthy foods like burgers and chips every night for dinner. Instead, you need to eat vegetables and fruit as a substitute for any snack. And, of course drink plenty of water and juices to keep your vitamin intake high.

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Best Foods To Eat For Your Health

Most people could be regarded as food enthusiasts because of their fondness for eating. Many people love to try out new foods from all over the world, they like to experience new things. Eating has become a most common leisure activity that friends and family enjoy. Eating continues to be one of the best forms of bonding for people all over the world.

People always want to try new cuisine and new experiences. This could probably be one reason why more and more people tend to fall into the obese category. Who could blame them? There are several great dishes that you must try at least once in your lifetime but sometimes because they are so good for the palate, trying these dishes once isn’t enough.

There are several different foods you can consider best depending on your mood and taste. Some people think that the best foods to eat are those inspired by a particular country or genre while others consider foods to be best if they are able to satisfy their cravings for sweets, something sour or salty.

Even though you may be excited to try new spicy dishes and world cuisine, your stomach may not be so aggreable. That is to say, the best types of foods to eat are those that are healthy and could make you feel full for a long time, and are able to satisfy your discriminating taste buds.

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Did You Know Cheating (On Your Diet) Helps You Succeed


If your fitness plans include a fat-loss diet as part of your plan to get fit at last, you know that staying on your diet is going to be hard. It’s going to take a lot of discipline to stick with it 100% of the time, and you’re probably already mourning the loss of some of your favorite foods. So this may come as a shock to you, but cheating (on your diet) is sometimes a necessity. At least, cheating is good when you do it right.

When you’re want to lose significant weight, you need to work out more, but you also need to control the amount of food you consume. To get really lean, you will have to start eating fewer calories than necessary to keep your weight were it is now. And your body isn’t going to like that.

Your body adapts to changes. You know that when you eat too much, your body adapts by storing the excess as fat. Your body will also adapt to a significant and sustained reduction in calories. If the number of calories you eat drops a lot, your body will eventually adapt to this situation. It adapts by acting as if there is a famine and you are in danger of starvation.

When your body is in starvation mode, it behaves differently. It starts storing every calorie it can as fat, since it thinks there is a famine in progress and it doesn’t know when you’ll get enough food again. It dials down your metabolism slows, leaving you with less energy. Your body puts less effort into maintaining and repairing your joints and muscles, since the top priority is to survive until there’s more food. If the “famine” last too long, it starts consuming your muscles as fuel while preserving the fat for an even more dire emergency.

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What Are Acai Berries and Are They Really That Good?

If you haven’t heard of the Acai Berries, you are way out of today’s loop! These remarkable, power-packed, little berries from the Acai Palm tree are native to the forests and flood lands of Central and Southern America. The berries are dark purple and grow in clusters just like those of grapes. They resemble grapes but are smaller and more purple. They have an extremely large seed, not much pulp and were usually made into a wine. The acai have been around for years but were only introduced to the western world in the 1990’s.

The natives of the Amazon have consumed these berries for centuries and have realized the excellent health benefits that come from them. The tribes people used the acai berries to provide energy, build the immune system, kill infection, protect the heart and control prostate enlargement. This information was given from generation to generation by their tribal medicine people.

At some point, the Brazilian beach goers discovered the energy boost of the Acai Berries and added the acai to smoothies. They say the acai tastes like effervescent berries with a hint of chocolate. The smoothies became very popular among the trendy, beach people. Researchers soon discovered the magic little berry and found that, in addition to providing an energy boost, the acai is rich in proteins; fibre; minerals, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium; Omega 6, also known as linoleic acid; Omega 9, also known as oleic acid; and including these vitamins: B1, B2, B3, C and E. The Acai Berries also have up to thirty-three times as much Anthocyanin as red wine grapes.

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Food & Fitness – Your Dining Schedule

What we eat affects our health and our looks. There is no question about that. But not only is the type and quantity of food you eat is key, when you have your meals and how often you eat is also important. If you want to succeed in improving your health and fitness, you’ll want to keep reading.

When you eat has a huge impact on your health & fitness. Let’s start from the very beginning. When you wake up in the morning, your body hasn’t had any food for many hours. Your blood sugar level is low, and you are running on stored energy. Once those reserves are used up, your body will turn to its next available source of fuel, your muscles! It’s very difficult to work out hard and focus on getting fit when you’re groggy, hungry, and your body is cannibalizing the muscles for energy. You need to eat your first meal as soon as you can after waking up in the morning. This gets your body fueled up and preserves your muscles.

So now you know how important it is to eat as soon as possible after you get up. This gets your blood sugar to the correct level (assuming you are eating healthy stuff) for you to function well and preserves your muscles. You’ll feel better, function better, work out harder, and preserve your muscles while getting into shape.

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