3 Ways To Create An Alkaline Diet

Today, many people are realizing that creating an alkaline diet is vital for lasting wellness. But why is it so important to have an alkaline body? Because your body’s internal pH has a profound effect on the function of practically every process in the body.

Fortunately, alkalizing your body does not need to be complex or expensive. Almost every food you eat either makes your body slightly more acidic or a bit alkaline. By using the 3 simple tips below, you can go a long way toward creating an alkaline diet.

Cut Back on Meat Consumption

Perhaps the most essential step in attaining an alkaline diet is to cut back on how much meat you eat. For years, we have all heard that fat and carbs are making us sick. Obviously, if we want to avoid foods that are high in these ingredients, our only real option is to eat foods that are high in protein. Just the same, not all fats and carbs are harmful. And by the same token, a high-protein diet is not the optimal solution for weight loss and overall health.

Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake

All in all, fresh produce has the highest nutrient density of any food. Another plus of fresh fruits and vegetables is that they’re very low in calories, making these foods perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight or avoid weight gain–and today, that’s practically everyone. Also, from an alkaline diet point of view, the important fact about fruits and vegetables is that they are the most alkaline-forming foods of all.

Eliminate Soft Drinks

The most common sweetener in soft drinks is high-fructose corn syrup, which is cheaper than cane sugar. Like almost all sweeteners, corn syrup is highly acid-forming. These processed sweeteners are also the reason that soft drinks are loaded with empty calories, which lead to obesity and set the stage for diabetes.

As if that weren’t enough, many soft drinks also contain caffeine, phosphoric acid, and various artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. All of these chemicals have an acid-forming effect on the body as well.

Now’s the Perfect Time to Start Creating an Alkaline Body

Alkalizing your body does not have to be painful or expensive. Above all, think of the security that you and your family will feel when you know that the foods you’re eating are creating life-long health.