Alkaline Foods Supply Potent Nutrition For Athletes

Why do alkaline foods offer healthy nutrition for athletes? The alkaline or acid forming elements of foods come into play when the body burns them for fuel. When metabolized, they create an alkaline or acid ash. That is why all substances consumed have an effect on the acid/alkaline balance throughout the body, often referred to as pH balance. In order to maintain a good pH balance, experts in the field suggest a ratio of 80% alkaline foods to only 20% acid foods. Most people have this 80/20 alkaline/acid ratio upside down. This can have an effect on many aspects of fitness and should be considered when seeking nutrition for athletes.

The body is so efficiently programmed that it will not let the blood pH balance to stray much from 7.4. It will do what is needed to alkalize the acid in the bloodstream, even if that means using calcium from healthy bones. When there are not enough alkaline foods in the diet to help manage that delicate blood pH balance, the body has to pluck calcium from bones in order to counteract an overabundance of acid in the bloodstream. You can certainly observe how that causes bone weakness, and that’s the last thing anyone wants in the best nutrition for athletes.

Here is my personal account of how alkaline foods worked for me. The majority of the cartilage in my right knee was removed at age 18, following a back yard football injury. So now my right knee is bone on bone. Before making substantial changes to my diet a Doctor told me I had the knee of a seventy-eight year-old man, but I was only 39 at the time. He said I would need a knee replacement within just a few years. Well, it’s been over 10 years and I just completed a 3 hour, 23-mile mountain bike ride over exhausting terrain in the Arizona desert, and my right knee feels as strong and able as my other knee, without having to resort to surgery or drugs. I am also physically able to snow ski on moguls much of the day whenever possible. Other men half my age can’t comprehend how this is doable. I can only say the distinction is that I understand the need for alkaline foods in a diet that provides the highest quality nutrition for athletes.

While eliminating numerous acid foods from my diet, once I became knowledgeable of the need for more alkaline foods, I started to realize more ways to get them. It’s like what happens if you buy a blue car, suddenly you begin to observe blue cars all over the place. So, now that you are informed of this need for alkaline foods when searching for the highest quality nutrition for athletes, you’ll begin to become aware of them as well.

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