An Alkaline Diet Helps Create Strong Bones

Today, my topic is how the alkaline diet can help to prevent osteoporosis. Advocates of this nutritional approach make dramatic claims about its health benefits, with some even claiming that it’s the cure for cancer. For my part, I do not believe all of these claims. However, the fact that some people are overenthusiastic about the alkaline diet does not mean that this diet is a fraud. There is scientific research available which suggests that the alkaline diet can be helpful for a number of health conditions. In particular, there is compelling evidence that an alkaline diet can help prevent osteoporosis.

We all know someone — perhaps a mother or grandmother — who suffers from osteoporosis. The usual explanation for this disease is that it is caused by the inevitable post-menopausal drop in estrogen levels. But this theory is challenged by the fact that some women are dramatically more vulnerable than others. It is very common in industrialized Western nations like the United States, but extremely rare in some Central American and African cultures where people are physically active and eat a traditional alkaline diet.

Could an acid-forming diet be part of the explanation for osteoporosis? Growing evidence suggests that the answer is yes. When your body becomes too acidic, it responds by drawing minerals from your bones in order to neutralize the excess acid.

By following an alkaline diet, on the other hand, you are helping to prevent osteoporosis in two ways. First, you are supplying your body with more alkaline minerals, especially potassium from fruits and vegetables. Second, you are reducing your body’s acid load so that it does not need to use up so many minerals in the process of neutralizing acid.

To wrap things up, there is growing evidence that the acidogenic Western diet is one of the reasons for high rates of osteoporosis. Therefore, one of the ways to prevent this terrible scourge is by following an alkaline diet.