An Alkaline Diet Program Can Help Prevent Osteoporosis

In preceding blog posts, I’ve talked about a few of the rewards of an acid alkaline diet. Right this moment, I wish to speak in particular about one of the advantages that I believe is substantiated by the most scientific evidence. That is the ability of the alkaline diet halt the advance of osteoporosis.

In the beginning, let’s discuss what osteoporosis is. It is the commonest bone disease. It occurs most frequently among postmenopausal Caucasian women in the United States and similar industrial nations. The majority of medical professionals believe that osteoporosis is created by a lowered estrogen production following menopause. Nonetheless, new research indicates that diet and lifestyle factors additionally perform an essential part.

If you want to grasp how the alkaline diet may help thwart osteoporosis, we must first understand how excessive acid production causes bone loss. It may look bizarre that your body cannibalizes bone tissue in reaction to excess acid, however, this is in fact a logical response to a disaster situation. Too much acidity may result in severe health problems and even loss of life, so your body attempts to resolve the situation by pulling alkalizing minerals out of your bones. This helps you deal with the short-term problem, however, it increases your chance of a bone fracture down the road.

There are two ways in which the acid alkaline diet plan may help stop osteoporosis. First, it reduces the acid load, in turn lowering the necessity for your body to break down bone tissue. Second, it increases your body’s supply of alkaline-forming minerals, especially potassium, which abounds in fruits and vegetables. This is why scientific studies have shown diminished bone loss in women who observe an alkaline diet.

A diminished possibility of osteoporosis is only one of many advantages of the alkaline diet. This wholesome nutritional method can also help you to reduce weight and increase energy. With so much to gain, why not try the alkaline diet today?