As A Nutrient Vitamin C Powder Is Remarkable

When it comes to vitamin c there is a huge division in the industry.  The purest truest form claimed by many to be the most readily usable and digestible form for us to ingest is vitamin c powder or ascorbic acid.  Many companies and natural source pharmaceutical companies make complex source vitamin c and fortified vitamin c etc.  To many the best way to ensure you are actually getting true value of vitamin c is to ingest vitamin c powder with water at your desired intake.  In some instances some vitamin c puritans are ingesting as much as 10,000mg of vitamin c powder per day.  There is a lot of controversy over whether there is any true health benefit to ingesting such amounts of vitamin c.  As for sources of vitamin c, there are many natural sources, however ascorbic acid has been chemically synthesized since 1934 and there is no difference in results between synthesized ascorbic acid and natural sourced vitamin c.

Vitamin C Powder: Medical Miracle Or Smoke And Mirrors?

Vitamin c is a big topic of health research.  One two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling developed his idea of orthomolecular medicine and was an advocate of mega dosing vitamins, one of which was vitamin c in powder for.  Linus Pauling would drink his vitamin c powder with some baking soda and water.He was at the forefront of chemistry in his time and combined many ideas into his own life still his ideas were controversial.  He believed in his vitamin c therapy and his vitamin c powder treatment so much that in 1970 he published a book all about vitamin c and illness.
There is a definite connection to health and vitamin c.  Whether as a seafaring sailor in 18th century England or as a soldier on the frontlines in World War I vitamin c deficiency was a real epidemic and the need for the nutrient was real.  The results and health benefits of vitamin c are being proven on a daily basis and even today we are constantly reminded of the need to supplement our diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C Powder: Follow In His Footsteps

Linus Pauling was onto something and many people thought so too.  Vitamin c powderin its pure ascorbic acid form is a hot commodity across the Internet, health food stores and pharmacies.  New research has been sparked in the direction of vitamin c deeper because of all the action on the sales the past five years.  In time perhaps vitamin c powder will replace many things we now take as medications.