Beef Up Your Burger’s Nutrition

Diets tend to be pretty strict about cutting out red meat. If a good burger is your weakness, then you may be tempted to cheat. No need! There are delicious hamburgers you can create at home that are healthy and taste good.

Beef Up the Fiber

Adding fiber to your burgers can make them healthier and block seven calories for every gram of fiber.

Try adding fine-grind bulgur to your hamburger before cooking it. Bulgur adds three grams of fiber to the meat and subtracts two grams of fat and one gram of saturated fat. To make it taste good, soak half a cup of fine-grind bulgur in water for 10 minutes. Drain the water out and add the bulgur to a pound of lean ground chuck. Mix them together, form patties, and cook them like any other burger.

You can also try this with rolled oats for a meatloaf-type burger. Add a cup of rolled oats and half a cup of tomato paste to the meat and mix well. These burgers will take a little longer to cook, so cook them on a lower heat.

Beef Up the Vegetables

Another way to add fiber, nutrition, and cut the fat is by adding vegetables to the meat before you form the patties. Diced tomatoes, corn, and dash of hot sauce mixed with the meat make great fiesta burgers. Chopped bell peppers and onions are another good choice as a burger mix-ins.

See, no need to give up your burgers. Just make them healthier and your waistline and taste buds will both be happy.

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