Best frozen foods for your meals.

Apparently, the makers of frozen meals tend to feel just the way their customers do – that somehow, traditional diet rules don’t apply. Many of them load their meals down with lots of fat, calories and salt. Usually, it’s safer to stick with meals that seem to advertise how light they are.

But sometimes, manufacturers will use misleading labeling. They will use words on the package that imply that only a little fat has been used, but you can’t hold them to it. If you check the nutrition label, you’ll find that they are using twice as much as anyone else. Basically, no matter what they say, no matter how much you trust some brand, make sure to read the nutrition label. That’s the only way to go about choosing the best frozen foods.

Once you look at the nutrition label, check it out to make sure that it contains no more than about 800 mg of salt or sodium, no more than 5 g of saturated fat, no less than 5 g of fiber, and make sure that whole meal does not give you more than 300 calories.