Vital Nutrition To Stop The Spread Of Ebola

The Ebola disease is caused by the Ebola virus and it affects humans and other primates such as chimpanzees and monkeys. It has a very high risk of death, with around fifty percent of all infected patients succumbing to the disease. For one to survive the Ebola virus, it is critical that they see a doctor very early, with access to laboratory services being key.

Nutrition is also very important to the cure of the Ebola disease. This is because vital nutrition and consumption of the proper foods will boost the immune system, highly increasing the chances that the victim will survive the Ebola attack. This is especially crucial for young kids, who are at the highest risk of succumbing to this killer disease.

Kids who are malnourished have a very weak immune system. If they contact the Ebola virus, they are much more likely to succumb because their natural defenses cannot fight the virus. This is why the UN World Food Programme, also known as WFP, has been very vocal in looking for money to feed over one million people in the three nations worst affected by Ebola; Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The food that the United Nations is spreading in these countries is a specially designed peanut paste which is being fed to the small kids, also known as plumpy’sup. The good thing about this meal is that it is ready to eat, requires no preparation whatsoever and is safe. It is also easy to distribute and lasts long without going bad.

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Really Want Low-priced Yet Potent Hemorrhoid Herbs That Actually Give Good Results?

Are hemorrhoids starting to ruin your life?

If you want to make sure that you don’t get more hemorrhoids or even get rid of the ones you do have, you need to make sure your stool passes softly and easily without straining from here out. That means high fiber foods my friends. The other thing you want to consider is you need to have one bowel movement for each meal.

A word of caution, don’t put on hemorrhoid herbs without having actually carrying out your research and looking each and every replacement for surgery.

One more note, do not strain and push when you’re passing stool as this will make things 100 x worse.

Hemorrhoid Herb #1: Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to help the tissues to heal and provide soothing cool relief for all kinds of internal and external irritations. If you use it directly on the hemorrhoid itself you dramatically increase its healing properties. Some people don’t live in climates where the aloe plant grows abundantly, if this is the case for you, you can find organic aloe at your local health food store. Just about all health food stores will carry aloe vera gel, if they do not ask to have it ordered for you.

Just as before if you’re wanting to get home remedy for hemroids, make absolutely certain you consider safe and effective treatments for them.

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Does Lack Of Water Cause Hemorrhoids?

How To Cure Hemorrhoids


Okay, hi there again and glad you could make it to another post from  OK, recently a couple of readers sent me some emails wondering if dehydration has any impact on hemorrhoids and so I thought I’d do a quick video on it and have a good chat about it, and make sure that we get that question answered.

Ok, so the first question that I need to ask is what causes hemorrhoids?  First major thing that causes hemorrhoids is constipation.  Basically, constipation makes you strain and the act of straining increases the flow of blood into the veins around the rectum which causes hemorrhoids, so that’s one of the major issues.

Another factor is dehydration.  basically, lack of fluids in the body causes dry, compact stools which is difficult to pass, which understandably cause constipation which in turn puts pressure on the rectum which incites inflammation of the anal veins which again causes hemorrhoids.  Finally, chronic diarrhea is also a major cause of hemorrhoids.  Chronic diarrhea over time causes dehydration.  The spastic motion of diarrhea also puts pressure on the rectum.  This causes a lot of straining. And of course, dehydration as we said can eventually cause dry, compact stools.  I know that sounds like the opposite of diarrhea but the reality is that diarrhea causes dehydration and eventually, we will get inflammation of the anal veins which causes hemorrhoids.

Now, now that we’ve looked at it, we can say that dehydration definitely plays a pretty clear part in hemorrhoids.  So another question is what causes dehydration and is there a way I can] prevent this from happening?  Firstly, most people don’t drink enough water; it’s basic.  Most people don’t drink enough water and I think most people are aware that they don’t drink enough water.  Instead, they try to replace it with coffee, tea and soft drinks, that sort of stuff.

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