Chewable Vitamin C: So Busy I Hardly Have Time To Eat Right

With so many people so busy these days, the number one complaint is that we do not eat right.  How do we insure we get our vitamins and minerals, when we cannot always eat a balanced meal?  The modern man and woman almost always supplement s their diet with chewable vitamins like vitamin c, or multi vitamins.  If their choice isn’t chewable it is a daily tablet.  Vitamin c is a popular choice however as an added vitamin above and beyond what is provided to us in our daily supplements.  Throat lozenges and candies are infused with vitamin c.  We are often chewing on some sort of vitamin c product especially when we have the onset of a sore throat or cold. 

Why Is Chewable Vitamin C The Vitamin Of Choice?

Vitamin c seems to be the vitamin we all turn to in our times of illness for the simple fact that it is proven to be a fighter of many symptoms of colds and flu.  Throat lozenges offer us chewable forms of vitamin c, so as to ensure that we are dosing ourselves when we feel a spell of illness working into our system.  There is much scientific study backing the foundation that vitamin c, whether chewable, powder, capsule or naturally consumed is a immune booster and a super nutrient for making us feel well.

Now in lots of product vitamin c is being used.  Milk, juice, water and other daily regularly consumed foods are being enhanced with vitamin c.  Kid’s treats involving anything to do with fruit and fruit flavour especially chewy candy is vitamin c enriched.  There is a definite craze for the nutrient vitamin c and its benefits.

There Are Supplements In Chewable Vitamin C Form.

There are many supplements to choose from, especially when dealing with vitamin c in chewable form.  There are 500mg doses, and 1000mg doses and even higher.Orange, blueberry, tutti fruitti, cherry and fruit punch are some of the names of flavors of vitamin c.  They can come as a hard powder chewable vitamin c tablet or a chewy gummy candy. 

In the end the results are the same, as it has been proven there is no difference between ascorbic acid as a synthetic or as a naturally sourced product.  In fact the main difference in most of the products is the addition of other vitamins and minerals to enhance their appeal to the marketplace.  The real magic happens after consuming the vitamin c, as it is up to your body to absorb as much as possible.  Anything that is not absorbed is quickly passed in urine.  So as to your preference a chewable vitamin c tablet is just as good as having some orange juice and even milk followed by some balanced meals through the day.