Chickweed Herb Treats Pain and Swelling


Chickweed is often viewed as nothing but exactly what its name suggests – a weed. It spreads rapidly throughout an area just like a dandelion, which is why it is considered to be troublesome by many home owners. Because chickweed is so common and its positive effects as an herbal remedy are mild, the great benefits of chickweed herb are often overlooked.

There are a lot of different herbal remedies that chickweed herb is a part of. One that might be of interest is the fact that it can help people suffering from obesity. When you take this herb it will help you to feel less hungry and it also works as a diuretic, so you lose some weight. This is not the only use for the plant, however.

One of the most useful benefits of chickweed is that it can help to minimize feelings of pain and lessen swelling. Thus, it has been and still is used in ointments, creams, and the like for the treatment of various skin conditions such as acne, sores, boils, rashes, and burns.

It is not only useful for helping with external pain, it can also be used internally. This increases the usefulness of this herb. If you have an upset stomach or problems with bleeding in your intestines or stomach you might give it a try. Those with plaque or toxins in their blood could also get some help with their condition if they used this herb.

Because chickweed is so beneficial, it could be used as an herbal remedy to ward off all kinds of illnesses, possibly including heart disease or even cancer. Chickweed herb could also supplement or replace a number of different other drugs. However, this should always be discussed with your doctor first because it isn’t safe to self diagnose and treat.

We shouldn’t keep overlooking this mild but effective treatment option. It could be a very affordable way to treat some conditions since it is very commonly found. Many people are allergic to this herb, which is one reason that it isn’t often thought of as a beneficial plant. However, once chickweed is dried, it almost never causes allergy symptoms.

It isn’t hard to overcome the few disadvantages of chickweed, so it should be taken advantage of more often. It’s main uses are as a natural alternative to other products used for lessening pain and decreasing swelling, but it can be helpful in other treatments as well.

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