Do Whey Protein Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

You are always hearing that you need to check with your doctor before you embark on any fitness regime. This is good advice and you should go for a complete check up and get your doctors take on what you are doing before you start your fitness program. It is easy to forget what you will be eating. It’s at least as important to talk about what you’ll be eating as what you’ll be doing. It is well known that when you are hitting the gym hard, trying to get fitter or grow, you need more protein. You can get this protein in in many ways from natural food, meats and fish etc to protein powder supplements and liquid protein supplements as well as protein bars. Its easy to find yourself confused about the potential side effects of protein supplements with all of the scientific sounding claims. no, is the quick answer. Most of the supplements that you can get are simply food supplements and so not really different to eating large amounts of lean chicken breast – except much more convenient. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor as there is always the chance that you could expereince some side effects from whey protein.




If the person is allergic to anything in the ingredients then taking a whey protein supplement could cause an allergic reaction. It is possible that some of the ingredients may have come into contact with peanut products. You can generally find this on the packaging. 
Check the packaging of any protein powder that you are looking at if you are allergic to some foods such as peanuts and make sure that that supplement does not contain any of them. If you are not already alergic to anything, it probably isnt worth worrying about this.

Working Out.


It is important that you are working out hard if you expect to need a whey protein supplement. Basically, you will see no side affects from whey protein supplements when you are working out hard. In fact, there really is very little difference between using a whey protein supplement and eating normal food. It is important to eat as much of your food as real food. It can be very hard to get as much protein as you will need this way though and this is where a good protein supplement comes in.  Whey protein supplements help you to get the protein that you need, exactly when you need it.


The conclusion that you can take away from this is that side affects with a whey protein supplement are unlikely and not something that you should worry about unless you are already allergic to some foods. Make sure that you eat plenty of real foods, as many as you can. Eat right, take a top quality protein supplement and most importantly, hit the gym hard and you will reach your goals in no time. To be on the safe side, you should have a consultation with your doctor to check you don’t have any
side effects from your whey protein supplement because of unknown allergies.


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