Do you know what apricot kernels are?

Have you heard about apricot kernels before?

If I’m truthful, I had actually never even heard of apricot kernel until very recently. I had no idea what they were. Actually they are merely the seeds or stones of an apricot.

We’ve all eaten apricots before, but usually it’s only after we have eaten the apricot that we see the kernel – when we are throwing it out!

But, raw apricot kernals are one of the healthiest foods for you.

The one biggest reason apricot kernels are so healthy is that they are very high in vitamin B 17. Many foods have vit b17 in them, but not many that we eat in the western diets. On top of this apricot kernels have higher levels of the vitamin than most of these other foods, and this is why you should include them into your diet.

Vit b17 is thought by many to be a natural prevention and treatment for cancer. As of yet, no clinical studies have been done to prove this, and there has been plenty of controvercial legal arguments about whether apricot kernels can be sold as a “cancer cure”, but even so, there are many people who are certain of the cancer prevention properties of the kernel.

As always, you should always have a balanced diet, you should not just bank on so called “superfoods” for your nutrition. But it is also particularly important to watch your diet with apricot kernels.

Whereas with normal apricot kernels, you can have as many as 200g a day, you can also find bitter apricot kernels, which are stronger. With the bitter apricot kernels you are recommended to only eat 2-3 of the kernels a day.

The reason you have to be careful is because even though apricot kernels are so good for you, they also contain cyanide which is poisonous. As long as you keep to the recommended doses then this is not a problem, but this is why you need to take care.

Another food which has been connected to maybe improving cancer is goji berries. These contain very high levels of antioxidants which is what makes them a cancer fighting food also.