Do you sometimes wonder why your crave sugar so much?

For the question “why do i crave for sugar?” you can give an obvious answer that it’s a pleasurable feeling to look at it,smell it and taste it.

The majority of sugar-laden treats are appealing both visually and to our taste-buds.

Most anyone you could ask could immediately tell you what, when it comes to sweets, are their favorites in color, texture, flavor, and temperature. Eating sugar even causes a temporary mood height, which adds to the pleasure of eating sugar. The brain in its way recognizes the energy value of sugar, and so, as a reward to the body’s owner for ingesting the substance, lavishes chemical agents of pleasure upon itself. The pleasure we derive from eating sugar is brought about by signals from our brain as a reward for giving the brain the sugar it needs for a quick energy boost. It seems obvious that it creates profound cravings. The question your brain may seem to be asking is “Why do I want sugar so badly?”, when the real question may be “Why do I not?”.

Very few people can resist a sugary treat.

Sweet treats took place in most of the celebrations in associates with the time of year. Sugary foods are constantly made aware to us through text and images. Advertisements of sugary confections are found everyday in the form of commercials, signs and on the internet. It’s not only the store at the corner which sells sugary treats,you can get confectioneries at the check out line or in the various aisles of many kinds of stores including the movie rental stores,grocery stores,departmental stores,hardware stores and other types of stores.

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Vitamin B Deficiencies

Eating too much sugar can deplete vitamin Bs from our body. When you don’t have sufficient amount of Vitamin Bs in your body,you might feel tired and for giving a quick boost to your energy levels,you may crave for sugary foods. For both of these reasons, you will tend to eat more and more sugary foods. If you try eating nutritional and natural, unprocessed foods, you’ll see that you will have a longer energy boost so you will not crave the short energy boosts of sugar quite as much. Dietary supplements along with a balanced meal plan can be of assistance if you are in this circumstance and are wondering why you have sugar cravings.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions or diseases can be indicated by a craving for sweet or sugary food. Since some medical conditions can cause a craving for sugar, it is vital that you get examined by your doctor if you have started to have a craving for sugar so that this possibility can be eliminated. If your sugar cravings started suddenly, then this is really important. Craving sugar can be caused by a number of things, for example insulin resistance (intolerance to carbohydrates) or a nutritional deficiency, or even other medical conditions.

dealing with the stress of daily life.

Some people are very comforted by sweet foods. Emotional eating can be part of poor food choices. Sometimes after a breakup you might find yourself digging a spoon into a pint of ice cream or two, the only problem with this decision is you might find that you’ll regret it later, only to feel more depressed than when you started. It can turn into a vicious circle of avoiding the stress issues, overeating and gaining weight. Unfortunately it’s an endless cycle because by eating sugary treats, you’ll only crave more of them.

Sugar cravings can be caused by boredom and having sweet foods around.

You may eat a sugar-laden soda or a piece of cake simply because the treat is there and it tastes good. Stop and ask yourself “why do I crave sugar” when you are reaching for a candy bar or fantasizing about another sweet treat.

When you begin to know why you crave sugar, you can start to deal with the sugar craving effectively.