Eating Organically

The benefits of organic foods become apparent to anyone concerned with the downside of the highly processed food. When we refer to the difference between conventional and organic food, we don’t necessarily imply the one between an apple grown organically and another regular one. What needs to be insisted on consists in the real benefits of organic foods for health first and foremost.

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Lots of consumers suffering from some form of chronic illness or even cancer, choose organic foods as safer and more health oriented than conventional products. Although lots of people claim that there is little difference in terms of nutrients, the absence of hormones and chemicals from organic food works great for the promotion of a state of well-being. Lots of consumer analyses do not insist on the difference in nutritional value, there are studies however that point out to the superiority and the benefits of organic foods in this sense.

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There are more trace minerals, superior amounts of vitamin C and considerably more anti-oxidant substances, and this is to count just a few of the benefits of organic foods. A report issued by the US Department of Agriculture shows that a significant decline has been registered in the level of minerals of the non-organic crops since 1940. The present-day extensive storage and the intense processing of the crops further lowers the quality of conventional foods.

The higher content of dry matter is one other of the benefits of organic foods. Under the influence of fertilizers, there is a higher water retention in fruits and vegetables. Thus, a non-organic apple gives less food than an organic one. Nevertheless, besides the superiority of nutrients, more advantages of organic food can be identified.

First of all, there are almost no pesticide residues in organic products. Even if conventional food producers say that no health threat can be identified for pesticides, one doesn’t have to be all knowledgeable to realize that the ingestion of anything chemical can’t be healthy and positive for the body in terms of effects. The benefits of organic foods are over-emphasized at present, with more and more consumers choosing them instead of conventional foods. Gradually this high popularity will definitely trigger a reorientation of the market and even a redefinition of the standards that define organic food in its essence.

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