Eating Out: Find Food Nutrition Facts First

While on a diet, you probably avoid eating out. That’s because restaurants provide too much temptation and, let’s face it, restaurant nutrition isn’t typically conducive to losing weight. The good news is you can eat out and make smart decisions. Don’t hesitate to ask your server or a manager for the food nutrition facts if you don’t see them on the table. When you’re armed with the food nutrition facts, you can make better choices and you won’t feel as though you’ve cheated on your eating plan; even though you’re still eating out at a restaurant.

What To Look For

When you ask for food nutrition facts, many restaurants will provide you with a sheet of paper or a card stating the calorie content of the various foods on the menu, the fat, sodium and even the carbohydrate content. If you’re trying to eat low fat, you will see right away which foods you should eat and which ones you shouldn’t. Keep in mind that condiments and sauces can add calories, fat, sodium and even carbs to any menu item. Even salads may look fattening on the food nutrition facts, but usually that is because they are including the dressing in the total.

How to Order Without Nutrition Facts

When there are no available food nutrition facts, you can still make a smart ordering decision if you now some basic facts about nutrition. For example, your best choice while trying to lose weight is not going to be a double bacon cheeseburger. Instead, you might want to choose a chicken sandwich, not fried, and a baked potato or even a salad with just a little bit of dressing.

You will find the majority of restaurants do provide food nutrition facts. If they are not in the open, you will just have to request a copy. Some restaurant owners may not leave the food nutrition facts on the table out of fear too many people will choose not to order the more fattening options. It is reasonable to assume that if most people know how much fat was in an entrée, they might reconsider ordering it.