Fast Food, Healthy Heart

A lot of individuals eat on the run in today’s fast-paced society. You’re usually better off eating at home rather than dining in a restaurant. However, you can still make healthy choices when you’re eating fast food. Keep these guidelines in mind as you choose your next fast food meal.

A lot of fast food franchises are well aware of the poor reputation that fast food has for clogging up the arteries. To meet the challenge, they have introduced many food choices that are better for you. For instance, many fast food chains now have salads on the menu. All the same, look out for the saturated fat in the dressing. And if your salad comes complete with deep fried chicken on top, you can be sure it’s not as heart healthy as the one featuring grilled chicken.

For your sandwich, opt for grilled chicken over fried. And you can’t go wrong by requesting extra vegetables on your sandwich. Ketchup and mustard are better choices for a dressing because of their lower saturated fat content.

Choose fruit or salad as a side dish rather than fries. This will fill your lunch with vitamins and fiber rather than saturated fat. Instead of soda, pick juice or milk to drink with your meal. This can aid in maintaining normal blood sugar and give you additional vitamins and minerals.

When you’re truly craving a hamburger and fries, it’s ok to give in once in a while. However, watch out for the size of the serving. A number of fast food establishments give you portion sizes that are enough for a couple of meals. Choosing a kid’s meal or a small burger with french fries will help to hold down the amount of saturated fat you consume.

If you’re giving your kids fast food, don’t forget that there are often healthy choices like apple slices and mandarin oranges available. You can also choose milk or juice rather than soda.

In a Mexican fast food place, you can eat surprisingly healthfully by choosing a simple taco or burrito. By loading it up with lots of veggies, you’ll be able to raise the fiber content. Although a taco salad might seem healthy, it’s often laden with saturated fat and calories.

Choosing fast food for the majority of your meals can take its toll on your heart health when you don’t make good choices. Your best option is to eat at home. However, if that’s not feasible, why not try the “better for you” choices that are out there.