Finding Healthy Snacks and Nutrition for Athletes Just Got Easier

Instead of terrible tasting protein drinks or hard to digest power bars, look for healthy snacks that taste good while providing superior nutrition for athletes. It is no secret that there are plenty of foul tasting protein drinks and stomach turning power bars available. Now, however, finding the right snacks and the most flavorful nutrition can be a much more pleasurable experience than it was in the past.

Whether you invent your own healthy snacks or buy something prepackaged, it is more common now to find treats that are appealing and provide a boost to your fitness routine. The good news is that the most powerful nutrition for athletes can now be easily acquired from healthy snacks in concentrated whole food formulas made with fresh fruits and Chinese herbs. These concentrated formulas include perfectly balanced levels of essential fats, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. The most appealing aspect is that these concentrated whole food snacks taste great, and they are so simple to prepare.

For even greater nutrition for athletes, you can mix bananas or other fruits with these all natural whole food concentrates and make healthy snacks that could be full meals, especially for breakfast. While also enjoying additional fruit, try adding organic peanut butter for more protein and healthy fat. You may be astonished at the excellent flavor and your body will appreciate the increase in essential fats. When it comes to quick and easy nutrition for athletes, these kinds of concentrated, nutrient dense smoothies are far superior to juicing or food combining. It is great to know that you can get all the nutrients you need to perform at peak levels by blending some powder and liquid together in a matter of moments.

It bears mentioning that purchasing whole food healthy snacks requires unique consideration. Studying more about what you are purchasing is crucial if you are really serious about finding the highest quality nutrition for athletes. It is wise to look beyond the nutrition fact labels to understand how the products are processed and whether or not they contain whole food ingredients with live enzymes. See if you can figure out if the healthy snacks you think you are buying are alkaline foods or acid foods. This will depend on the structure of the all-natural, whole food ingredients that are used and if they were overly processed in packaging.

Things to watch out for on the nutrition facts label include sodium and sugar levels. Too many individuals make the mistake of only looking at calories, carbohydrates and protein when buying nutrition for athletes. However, many of the so-called healthy foods actually contain too much protein for anyone except bodybuilders and pro athletes. Unquestionably, healthy snacks that qualify as excellent nutrition for athletes are those that include whole food ingredients with plant-based protein, not labratory produced proteins, vitamins or minerals.

Author Cliff Everett Smith is co-owner of an online health food store,, that offers high quality healthy snacks not found in typical supermarkets or health food stores. The unique formulas he recommends are simple to use and provide powerful nutrition for athletes.