Fish Oil Pills. What Are They And Why Should You Eat Them?

Nutritional supplements are big business but the sales of fish oil pills are growing faster than sales of any other supplement in history. Fish oil pills can sometimes be called omega 3 supplements or Omega 3 capsules. Lets look at the benefits of fish oil and why you should be taking fish oil pills every day.

There are 2 essential fatty acids known as omega 3 fatty acids. These are called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and they are good fats. Contrary to what you may have heard about diet fats in your diet are not all bad.

There are some bad fats, in particular saturated fat which is primarily found in animal products such as red meat and chicken. However there are also good fats which are extremely important to your health. The omega 3 fatty acids called essential fatty acids are extremely important to your health and are not manufactured in your body. Therefore the only way you can get Omega 3 fatty acids into you is by taking oil fish pills, or eating a lot of fish.

Estimates are that the vast majority of people in the US have way too little essential fatty acids in their diet. Studies have shown that populations of people who eat lots of fish are healthier, and in particular have better heart health than so many of our citizens and studies have linked this good heart health to their high intake of fish and other seafood products.

The health benefits from increasing our intake of Omega3 fats go on and on and include many benefits to the heart. The American Heart Association, for this reason, tells us that we should have a minimum intake of DHA and EPA every week and that we should do this by eating more fish or by a daily regime of fish oil pills.

The benefits of increasing our intake of omega 3 include a reduced risk of heart attack causing death, lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, reduced plaque in the arteries as well as improvements in brain function and memory, reduced incidence of macular degeneration causing blindness and a reduction in the risk or the effects of many inflammatory diseases like arthritis. And that’s not all.

DHA makes up a major part of the fats in our brain and a developing fetus has a powerful demand for DHA for optimum brain development. Pregnant women should ensure an adequate supply of Omega3 fats in the diet, generally by taking fish oil pills, and should continue supplementation during breastfeeding as DHA and EPA become available to the infant in her milk. Studies also show that infants raised on an adequate intake of Omega3 fats do better on IQ tests.

It is quite clear that we need more DHA and EPA in our diets, but how? Of course we can all eat more fish but fish is very expensive and only certain types of fish, namely oily fish, have high levels of Omega3 fats. Fish is generally contaminated with toxins and the FDA tells us to limit our intake of fish for this reason.

Omega 3 pills are the ideal solution. They are capsules of fish oil which you can take everyday, and you can cut the top off and poor the oil onto the kids breakfast if they can’t take the capsules. They are cost effective and the best fish oil pills are contamination free.

However the best fish oil pills contain far more DHA, the most important Omega 3 fat, than the worst and for this reason it is difficult to compare the different omega 3 supplements available.

Every day I take fish oil pills with my breakfast and give them to my family. I take what are, in my view, the worlds best fish oil pills. If you’d like to find out more about these Omega 3 supplements visit my website.