Food – Just Fuel or More Important?

Food experts and parents up and down the country have been warning us since the beginning of time that “we are what we eat”. What they mean by this of course is that whatever we put into our mouths has a direct influence on our health, fitness, beauty and even mood. Because of this, we are forever being ordered to eat certain things, drink certain things and avoid lots of things. It sometimes all gets a little much to take in however, so here are 3 of substances that have the biggest impact on our bodies.

Salt. It is only reasonably recently that we have been made aware of the harm that salt can do to us. The Food Standards Agency in the UK state that people should have no more than 6g of salt and day and most people exceed this. If you are very active then you will need more salt in your diet as it is lost via sweating and important to muscle function but most people should cut down as high in salt intake is closely linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Rather than put it in your body, salt is good at conditioning skin and is in fact an ingredient in lots of skin care products

Fats. We need different types of fat in our diets in order to maintain healthy cells and for all the various functions of the body. They are generally unsaturated fats that we need and not the type that most people get far too much of, which are saturated fats (AKA trans fats). Put simply, eating too many saturated fats will not only make you fat but could also cause heart disease, organ failure and diabetes to name a few. It won’t matter how many times you have a body polish, inside and out will not be great if you don’t watch your fats

Water. This is not something you eat of course, but you should not underestimate the power of the H20. Ideal water intake levels are dependent on factors such as temperature, body size, age, humidity etc, although most experts recommend taking in 1-2 lts per day if possible.Water is not only very important for internal processes of the body, but additionally it has a large influence on external appearances, so if your a big water drinker you wont need your skin firming treatments quite so often