Food Pyramid – Why Should You Consider That?

Food pyramid provides many important data, like about carbohydrates, about everyday food intake designed by the US Dept. Of Agriculture for public health nutrition. The food pyramid serves as the primary model for the promotion of healthy nutrition or aid for dieting in children over six. It is also known as kids food pyramid but it has applications for all ages and all health conditions. It basically represents a guide to good health by showing the right food choices. Meat, vegetables and fruit, fat, dairy products and cereal, wholegrain bread and pasta make the main categories. The food pyramid also emphasizes the need to keep the level of sugar and fat low.

The food pyramid also indicates the number of servings you should have from each food category per day. Normally, the age and the level of activity also have a word to say in the portion size, but the body weight counts a lot here too. Fat should be taken from eggs, meat and dairy products and it ought to be 30% of your diet at the maximum. There are also unsaturated fats that are a lot healthier, and this is the case with olive oil, nuts and peanuts.

Another group of foods in the food pyramids are sugars that come with the highest level of calories and the lowest nutritional value. Avoid jellies, jams and soft drinks, and try to replace sugar with honey for instance. As long as your diet is balanced, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Dairy products are a great source of vitamins, minerals and protein and kids need them more than anything else. Cheese, milk and yogurt should be part of your children’s daily diet. Avoid ice-cream and fat cheese.

Protein coming from lean meat are also important, but we need to emphasize the fact that you should not eat the skin or replace a natural chicken breast with a hamburger. Stay away from junk food because it is poison for your body. Moderation is once again the best way to stay on the safe side and provide no nutrients in excess.

As for vitamins, they usually come from fruit and vegetables. Vitamin A and C, as well as magnesium, iron and fiber can be taken from leafy greens more than from other sources. It is important to eat a variety of vegetables in order to get all the nutrients necessary for the optimal body functioning. This being said, it only remains for you to put into practice the tips available with the food pyramid.