Good Fat and Bad Fat – Are They Different?

You probably at some point heard that you need to keep away from fat. It was not known that good fat and bad fat had a difference. So everyone began producing fat free food but could not see why people were still gaining weight. The truth is not all not all fat is bad; in fact your body needs specific types of fats to stay healthy and even drop in weight. This article divulges what the difference is between good fat and bad fat.

Good Fat and Bad Fat List

Its essential that your body recieves the proper fats to store energy Also, fat is needed so that your body can absorb the many necessary nutrients. The good fats and bad fats are found in the following

Good Fat

HDL – high-density lipoproteins also known as good cholesterol
Monounsaturated Fat – fats found in plant oils and nuts  
Polyunsaturated Fat – found in fish and vegetable oils

Bad Fat

LDL – Low density lipoproteins
Saturated Fat – found in red meat
Trans Fat – found in deep fried foods and food cooked in high temperature liquid oils
Animal Fat

How to Increase Good Fats

In your diet be sure to decrease the amount of bad fat that you consume and by doing this you will burn fat. If you can eat better and healthier meat plus eat more fish and shell fish you will reduce your bad fat intake. One of the sources that you get the most fat from is meant. The meats to stay away from are ones marbled in fat, salami, and hot dogs. Instead, substitute for chicken and turkey but be sure to buy the skinless. By eating shell fish and other fish you will be able to reduce cholesterol levels that are harmful and at the same time increase metabolism.Now, the next time you are shopping for food remember to pick the stuff that will benefit your health and at the same time help you lose weight.


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