Growing vegetables in a World War II era victory garden

You’ve doubtless noticed the soaring cost of groceries lately. Yes, we all know about the price of gas raising the cost of transporting goods, thus raising the price of food. Now we hear that bees are disappearing from their hives at a truly alarming rate – at last report, it’s estimated that fully 30% of all the bees have mysteriously disappeared in just the past year. The implications for the future prices of produce don’t bear thinking about when you put the two factors together. Just as in the World War II era of the so-called victory garden, we may well think about growing vegetables in our own gardens this summer.

If this is your first try at growing vegetables, buy started plants from a reliable nursery. Plant them as soon as possible after purchase. Don’t let them sit around for even a few days. Water regularly and don’t let the ground get dry. Feed the plants once a month and keep your garden weed free. To protect your garden you can Buy Praying Mantis Eggs and Live Ladybugs as well.