Handy advice to detox your body

When we’ve had a bit too much to drink or we simply need some time to purify our bodies of the usual stress we need to detox. This word is most associated with someone with an incredible hangover but you can just detox your body over a period of time just to make yourself feel better. The obvious ways to detox your body that we all know is just to drink lots and lots of water, but there are other ways that you detox your mind, for example, you can check yourself into a nearby spa and get a full body wrap which will also help exfoliate your skin and eradicate impurities.There are plenty of centre’s which offer numerous treatments like body exfoliation, facial therapies and massages. All of these are great ways to get the body to just un-wind. If you are working in a city for example and you find it hard to get the time to relax then taking one Saturday down to a spa would be the perfect remedy to cure your mind and body.

Other forms of detoxing the body are just to eat well and get some exsercise. Try not to eat fatty and un-healthy foods like burgers and chips every night for dinner. Instead, you need to eat vegetables and fruit as a substitute for any snack. And, of course drink plenty of water and juices to keep your vitamin intake high.

Carol Vorderman currently has a book all about how to detox the body and it is a very comprehensive and detailed guide to getting your body into shape. The book is well written and is easy to read, with lots of practical advice and useful tips. In the book you can get hold of proper diet’s, diet menu plans, recipes, advice and guidelines.

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