Health Benefits of Arginine


L-Arginine is a dietary substance and an amino acid that helps the body rid itself of ammonia and is used to make such compounds in the body as creatine and glutamate. It is possible to convert it to glucose and glycogen when needed. The health benefits of this substance are many. Preliminary research has found that Arginine may help with conditions such as atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction. It is involved in the formation of protein and in larger amounts it stimulates the release of growth hormones and prolactin.

One of the most prominent health benefits of L-Arginine is its use in patients who can benefit from increased blood flow, such as erectile dysfunction and heart disease. This substance is used in the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow, reduces blood vessel stiffness and improves blood vessel function. Increased blood flow due to arginine makes it a possible use in cases of erectile dysfunction. It helps dilates the penis’ blood vessels, this increased blood flow helps sustain an erection. It helps increase blood flow throught out body, this is why it is believed to help with heart disease and erctile dysfunction. L-Arginine is also used in the care of and relief from arthritis symptoms as it is a component of collagen. Collagen is vital in the production of new bone cells and tissue. For this reason, it is also thought to promote the rapid healing of wounds, especially bones.

Athletes take advantage of the health benefits of L-Arginine due to the amino acid’s ability to promote the release of human growth hormone, which enhances energy and endurance in the body. Athletes also use it to increase the production of insulin and creatine phosphate, which is thought to increase lean muscle mass and enhanced fat loss. L-Arginine has been found to have healing properties and may aid in the healing of bones and wounds.

The health benefits of L-Arginine are many. It is an essential amino acid with benefits and functions including stimulation of the release of growth hormone, improvement of immune function, reduces healing time of injuries, quickens the repair time of tissue wounds, reduces the risk of heart disease, increases muscle mass, reduces body fat, improves insulin sensitivity, helps decrease blood pressure, alleviates male infertility, helps reverse erectile dysfunction and increases circulation throughout the body.