Healthy Muffins

If you live in or near the Hamilton Ontario Canada area, and you are looking for healthy muffins, consider Marci’s Muffins.

Marci created the company, “Marci‚Äôs Muffins”, in 1989, when she recognized the deteriorating quality in the baking industry.

Marci saw the mass engineered, so called “scary ingredient”, baking “products” showing up everywhere. It was her fusion of love for people and wholesome baking, mixed with a passion to prove that this could be done, that drove Marci to succeed!

Since 1989, Marci has shared her passion with hospitals, retail stores, hotels, nursing homes, and individual customers. She has appeared on television, radio, magazines, and several newspapers sharing her products and vision.

Marci also teaches baking classes, educating people on how to bake healthier, using things like gluten free and vegan ingredients, plus alternative unrefined sweeteners and fats.

Read more at the website of Marci’s Muffins.