How Come We Are Getting Fatter?

All around the world, people are getting fatter and fatter. China, Japan and even Korea, who have never before had to worry about obesity, are now seeing the numbers on the scales rise higher and higher. It appears as if no one these days can escape the continuously expanding waistline. How come we are becoming so fat as a species? The answer lies in two words: poor nutrition. Based on the old adage “we are what we eat” it should be clear that our health and nutrition is severely compromised.Our ever-expanding girth should come as no surprise when fast food restaurants spring-up like weeds, individual serving sizes can feed at least two people and food quality has decreased. An answer does exist, though it can only be found by learning about proper nutrition.

Food Gives Us Energy

Today we keep our focus on food and it’s taste, as well as the quantity of it we eat, and we often overlook the basic fact that food is just our fuel. Food is what gives us the energy we all need to sustain us throughout the day. We develop fat when we give our body too much fuel. When taking fat into consideration, our body’s are merely acting as they were designed. It is not our body’s way of getting back at us or being spiteful. Aside from preventing starvation, fat basically provides heat to our body and insulation to our bones, internal organs and even to our muscles. When we eat too much, and we don’t burn off those calories with exercise or everyday activities, the excess gets turned into fat. With so much food we consume nowadays, our fat is increasing at a quickening pace.

Know Thy Enemy

Fat does not appear out of thin air, fat is something that we gain slowly over time if we are not cautious. They say that knowledge is power, but that is only true if you use it. Eating healthy, taking nutrition supplements and exercising is the best way to fight weight gain. Know your enemy and you will be able to vanquish them. Don’t stop gaining knowledge and use what you learn and you will be prosperous at whatever you do.