How Important Is Clean Drinking Water To You?

Many of us fail to realize just how important clean drinking water is for the body – did you know that the human organism is primarily water? In real numbers, we are talking of over 75%, with much of our body’s wellbeing coming down directly to the quality of the fluids within our body.

The actual break down of the body in terms of constituent’s stands at 72% plain water, 20% being hard bone and solid tissue, with the remaining 8% being a combination of chemical compounds. Looking at this from purely a biochemical standpoint, it stands to reason that the quality of fluids within the body can have a profound impact upon our overall state of wellbeing. Every life giving action that takes place within the body happens within this body of water.

The last decade has brought many medically based discoveries to the fore of our awareness, one of them being the enormous capacity of the human body to heal itself of virtually any pathology if just given the chance. By instinct, our body knows how to heal itself, and it has been found that water is the key!

Every cell within the body is governed by complex electrical signals sent via the nervous system stemming from the brain. Essentially, the nervous system is a complex array of miniscule “waterways”. For instance, if we become dehydrated, the fluid within our nerves congeals, giving way to a congested mix of synthetic and organic contaminants that distort the vital signals within the body.

Many educated individuals now feel that the corruption between these sensitive passage ways within us is the the driving force behind many neurological diseases and pathologies such as anxiety, chronic fatigue and depression.

Recently it has been medically shown that even a drop as little as 4% in fluids within the body will cause up to a 30% loss of energy. So for all of us out there that at times suffer from low energy, more times than not this will be because we are dehydrated. A 15% drop in body fluids actually will kill us!

The statistics have it that more than 65% of people don’t consume enough fluids, with many of us experiencing some degree of dehydration. Effectively this means that much of the populace is running at roughly 70% of our capacity, and in many cases less.

Conditions such as hypertension, ulcers, sickness, arthritis, fatigue and headaches can all be reduced, and in a majority of cases prevented entirely just by consuming an adequate amount of clean water.

For all of us, its important to note that pure water is what is required for health, and we are not talking colas, tea, coffee and the like. This distinction is of utmost importance, as many fluids will actually dehydrate the system – we need to hydrate!

Remember, every time we consume a meal, a certain amount of available fluid is required to shuttle the nutrients away from the bowel, and just as importantly, an adequate amount of fluid is needed to flush the toxin load from the body that builds up from metabolic wastes.

When the body is supplied decent water, the correct nutrients and minerals, our body can overcome virtually anything!