How Safe Is What You’re Eating?

Have you thought about the safety of what you put in your body lately?

Take soft drinks for example. Coke is so acidic that it makes a great automobile engine cleaner, and it’s even rumored that it’s what the manufacturer uses to clean the engines of their own trucks. On top of that, the acidic liquid then sits, sometimes for years, in an aluminum can. Have you heard that aluminum in the body is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? That’s a combination I’d ask myself, “Is that safe?” I’d encourage you to do so as well.

What do you think about putting anti-freeze into the body?

Do you know that the main ingredient in anti-freeze is common in many “snack foods” found in convenience stores? Isn’t that convenient? Anti-freeze in a food – soon they’ll be marketing the benefits for those living in cold climates. Anti-freeze is also used in many personal care products – which people put directly on their skin. I’m not sure about you but I’m thinking this is another perfectly good time for, “Is this safe?”

Now, I’m going to encourage you to look at the ingredients on most any packaged foods. Do you know what half of the ingredients are? Another good time for, “Is this safe?” And perhaps, “How come all of these chemicals in my food?”

What about eating pesticides each day? Pesticides – you know – the stuff they use to kill bugs.

You know that pesticides are found in small amounts in every non-organic food, right? While it may not hurt you to consume small amounts once or twice in your life, how about small amounts several times each day? Another excellent time for, “Huh? Is this really safe?”

So, we have a rather strange predicament here. The manufacturers of these foods assert that all of these chemicals are absolutely safe in the body. So, people regularly eat them. And most of the population has health problems.

To top it off, most medical professionals can’t tell you why most people are sick. But in fairness, most medical professionals don’t recognize stored toxicity as a problem at all, and they, themselves, are in the business of selling even more chemicals for the body.

What a mixed up world we live in. Do you think that all of this sickness be directly related all of the unnatural junk we’re putting right in our bodies – many times each day? To solve a problem, we really have to understand what is causing it. And with the common, yet highly chemical, diets and lifestyles exclusive to the 21st century, understanding the cause isn’t really too difficult.

Fortunately for those who choose not to have health problems, cleansing your body, with deep colon and liver cleansing, is a very effective means to remove a great deal of those stored chemicals and toxins from your body. You’d be amazed at what some deep cleansing can do to repair the damage caused by normal living these days.