How To Grow Old And Live Well

Most of us desire a long but also healthy life. We have seen people grow old and live life in pain and misery, but we desire to enjoy the golden years of life. Now is the perfect time to begin a health and fitness program that can improve both the length and quality of your life.

One of the best ways to get fit is to focus on muscle growth. Since it takes more calories to nourish a pound of muscle than it does to nourish a pound of fat, when you add muscle, and keep eating the same way you always have, you have put your body in a calorie deficit that will automatically cause you to lose more fat. While fat cannot be directly turned into muscle, increasing muscle can cause you to lose fat.

To improve health on an overall basis, you have to begin a regular means of exercise. Joining the YMCA or a gym can be an effective way to get started. These programs allow you to work out in a controlled environment and give you access to exercise equipment that would be expensive to purchase for home use. In addition, you may have access to swimming, spas, saunas and a variety of exercise machines. The weather rarely will stop your routine.

Exercise is possible without a gym membership. The key is getting your body to move. Try jogging or even walking on a regular basis. Very little equipment is needed. If you prefer, try riding a bike on a regular basis. Just remember to use the correct safety equipment to protect joints and your head. A black helmet will prevent brain injury and knee and elbow pads can protect these important joints.

If you are fighting a battle with joint pain, consider swimming or warm water exercises. The water supports your body weight so that you can do more with less stress on those sore joints. If your program causes you to lose weight, then there is less stress on the body.

Once you develop an exercise program and begin to see results, you will find that exercise does not have to be drudgery, but can be enjoyable. It can improve your self-image and can help you to feel better. Once you begin to feel better, you may want to think about how to break 80, 90 or 100.

In reality, no one knows how many years of life they have left. By taking care of your body, you may find that those remaining years can be enjoyed much more as you are healthy no matter what your age.