How to Select a Good Protein Powder – Which Whey is Best?

Do you find the gigantic selection of whey protein powder products confusing and tough to understand?

Selecting a good protein product can be tough unless you know a few vital things to keep an eye open for.

Most protein products include all kinds of ‘break-through secret additives’ just because the corporations that sell them know that adding the word ‘new’ to the label will sell the product for them.
The actuality is that there are only two or three core ingredients that make a great protein product – one that will get you results.

To start with, do not concentrate on the advertising exaggeration. Look only at the ingredients list.
Check the amount of protein per hundred grams. You want at least 66 grams of protein per hundred grams.

And the quantity of protein per serving shouldn’t be any less than 20 grams. Between 23 to 30 grams means you have got a good protein. The more the better.
Inferrior products frequently contain less than twenty grams.

Pure whey protein concentrate, more widely known as WPC, and whey protein isolate, often referred to as WPI are typically considered the best types of protein. I’d suggest staying clear of hydrolyzed whey protein as it contains enzymes the allegedly lead straight to a lower quality of protein.

You can use either whey protein concentrate as a stand alone ingredient or a blend of whey protein concentrate + whey protein isolate.
Both have a tendency to give top results.

Hear your body when working out. If your protein product does not smell or taste nice, or you have trouble digesting or swallowing it then try a different product.
Or try some of the tips in the whey protein powder taste guide to make your drink taste better.

There are just a low number of additions that definitely help a whey protein product perform better.
L-Glutamine, Taurine and Leucine are 3 of them. But watch out not to waste your money on them unless you are performing at the highest physical level in your sport. They make a negligable difference for the normal user.

Eliminate sugar content that is above five percent and avoid artificial sweeteners. Stevia and Xylitol are the best natural sweeteners.
Sucralose is the only acceptable artitificial sweetener.

Also avoid whey products which incorporate any of carbohydrates. To get carbohydrates in your diet you are better to add oats or bananas to your protein shake.

It can be difficult to recollect every detail about what’s bad and good when buying your whey product from the store, so get a copy of the whey protein powder check-list.
This check-list is easy to utilise and makes it easy to recollect which are the best kinds of whey protein and additives, and which of them to avoid.