How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Even If Your Over 50!

Are you finding it harder to reach your ideal weight now what you are of a “certain age?”  I know for me, my self-esteem goes up and down with the numbers on the scale.  No matter how much I starve myself or work out, I never seem to be able to lose those last 5 – 10 pounds.

That may not sound like a traumatic amount of weight, but it means the difference of feeling like a stuffed sausage in your clothes, or feeling good about yourself. Yes, it would be nice to be more enlightened so that our self-worth was not based on such a superficial and arbitrary measurement.  But hey, it is what it is.What do I do to get a fast breakthrough fast because I know things will get worse!

I know a lot of women who feel this way, who are just over 50 or approaching it, adding a whole new set of numbers to worry about. Now that we are a “certain age,” are we automatically doomed with a sluggish metabolism that is storing fat deposits like there is no tomorrow? Is this some type of cruel trick of nature, where everything seems to be sliding downhill, literally and figuratively?

If you’ve tried restricting calories, eating low-fat foods, and working out pretty regularly, but still are not seeing any noticeable changes in the fit of your clothes or on the scale, you may be what experts call “Metabolically Resistant.”   Here’s the great news: this is a condition that you can change, if you understand it and take action.

For the “Metabolically Resistant,” the diets you’ve been on may actually be sabotaging your own metabolism.  What you eat is actually prompting your body to store fat.  To make matters worse, improper dieting causes hunger, cravings, irritability, mood swings, not to mention fatigue and depression when the pounds creep back on.

Now, there is a free book that you can download that explains how to break the cycle and change your body’s resistance to weight loss.  It’s called the “Weight Mastery Guide” by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. 

Dr. Todd, as he likes to be called, is a world-renowned medical doctor who has made significant contributions to the studies of optimized metabolic functions. For me, Dr. Todd is someone I can trust.  Basically, the “Weight Mastery Guide” explains how to optimize your metabolism through:

1.    Scientifically-based nutrition
2.    A balanced combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and
3.    Advanced supplementation, enhanced through patented laser technology, to activate and accelerate your own body’s ability to burn fat without drugs or stimulants

You can apply the principles of the “Weight Mastery System” without buying one thing.I went two weeks without supplements but found it very difficult. I would lose weight, but put it back on by eating a whole tub of ice-cream. 

Dr. Todd explains that some cravings are actually indicators of dietary deficiencies.  Once I added the supplement portion of the system, I was able to stick to the new, healthy eating habits I have been developing.  I have been able to lose the five and keep them off, and am still working on the next five. Now I have hope and light at the end of the tunnel. This system works and I don’t have to be afraid of the weight roller coaster anymore.

You can get a copy of Dr. Todd’s 68-page “Weight Mastery Guide” absolutely free.  Check it out and if you are ready for a life-changing breakthrough to master your weight and improve your health and energy.  Warning: this information is not for everyone, but will make sense to folks who want to understand how to be successful.Visit for your free download.