How To Treat Constipation

Constipation is an annoying and, unfortunately, all too common problem. While the causes can vary from individual to individual, there are some extremely simple hard stools cures for curing this embarrassing problem. A typical reason for prolonged hard stools is shortage of fiber in one’s diet.

In this situation simply adding additional fiber, either natural fiber found in food or fiber additions, should help relieve the difficulty. A simple way to add tons of fiber into your diet is by adding flaxseeds to your food. Sprinkle some over your oatmeal in the morning to add a healthy dose of fiber. You may simply add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Not only are they jammed with nutriments, but they also have fiber to aid in your digestion. Grain products are another superfood to help your digestion. Adding just six ounces of grain products like bread or high-fiber cereals can clean your right out!


Another easy fix for troublesome stool movements is to drink more liquids. Shortage of water can often cause hard stools which are complicated and painful to pass.


Together with a healthy diet loaded in fruits, plants, and grains, drinking six to 8 cups of water a day should make it far less distressing to go to the bathroom. Diuretics are helpful but can cause distressing cramping as well as health issues if used too often, and will be a final resort. However a purgative tea, or dieter’s tea, used infrequently can help those with medium bowel problems. Drink a cup first thing in the morning or right before bedtime to gradually aid your bowel movements.


If none of these home remedies for constipation work, it’s a good idea to chat to your health practitioner. This could be a sign of a basal health problem or an unexpected effect of a medicine you are taking. Bowel obstruction is distressing and often mortifying, but is generally an easily curable infirmity.


Some of the best hard stools treatments are all natural. If you would like to find out more about 38 ways to treat bowel problems naturally visit Constipation Relief.

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