Infertility Diet

How Successful is the Infertility Diet?

When dealing with the issue of infertility and difficulties with conception, most couples of course want to try anything and everything they can to help the process along.  With that thought in mind, some wonder if there is such a thing as an infertility diet, and if so, does it actually work?  Can your eating habits do anything to help or hinder your situation with pregnancy?  Let’s examine some of that information here.

Doctors Respond to the Infertility Diet

In a new study cited in OBGYN News, a group of Harvard researchers found that 79% of infertile couples had a lower-than-average intake of foods high in antioxidants – like fruits and vegetables.  In one study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Medicine, doctors found that after one week of daily doses of 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, sperm counts rose by some 140%.  Obviously, when dealing with infertility, diet and getting enough of the right vitamins is helpful to some.

More recently, a study published in the Archives of Andrology showed the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium improved the ability of sperm to swim – a skill necessary to reach the egg.

Physical Activity is Part of the Infertility Diet

Exercise also improves muscle tone and good muscle tone helps every aspect of your system as well.  Excessive body weight also puts undue pressure on the reproductive organs and doesn’t allow them to function optimally; obese persons often suffer from reproductive issues.  When dealing with infertility, diet alone may not be enough.  Regular physical activity must be part of the equation as well.

However, you don’t want to go overboard in this direction either.  It’s been sadly reported that many young female athletes that are pushed to excessive physical activity have irregular periods and subsequent issues with reproduction.  Starving your body of vital nutrients and overworking it physically will take a tremendous toll on your system, and this is true for both men and women.  So if you do exercise and keep track of your diet, make sure you’re being balanced and healthy.

But modest exercise is beneficial in so many ways, not just when discussing the infertility diet.  Exercising increases the blood circulation and good circulation is important for all aspects of health.  Blood brings nutrients to every part of the body and filters away dead cells.

Additionally, eating right and exercising will make a person feel better all around; feeling more positive will lead to a reduction in stress, which is also beneficial when trying to conceive.  And when thinking about your infertility diet, this may be something that helps to draw you together as a couple, which can lead to a better, more active sex life – another important aspect of conception!  So never dismiss the thought that your condition can be helped or hindered by your eating habits and exercising; even doctors agree that when dealing with infertility, diet is important, as is exercise and physical activity.

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