Info On Organic Baby Food

Organic food is important part of the health nutrition and can be included into Atkins Diet. But for a baby?
Organic baby food is often a rarity in supermarkets and not all parents have heard of it; this seems to be a novelty, and the direct consequence of the preponderance of non-organic products on the market. Organic baby food comes from ecological crops that use no fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or other types of chemicals. Vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and dairy products are produced according to traditional agriculture, depending on the gifts of Mother Nature alone. Over the last five years, the production of organic baby food has increased proportionately with the market demand. Let’s see what benefits organic food has for babies and how it keeps them safe and healthy.

During the first year of life, a baby’s digestive system is immature and delicate. Plus, nutrients consume in the first twelve months is very high because this is the time of the fastest growth rate of the human body. Evolution therefore depends on food and its properties to support it. Organic baby food provides a level of purity in the ingredients that is not by far matched by non-organic products. With non-organic products, the body also absorbs the chemical substances used for treating the food. The system cannot eliminate all of these chemicals, and in time they tend to accumulate, clog the organs and cause an intoxication of the body. This is often a very harsh test for a young body.

The number of organic baby food items allows for allows for diet variation. Organic cereals are among the most popular for instance, since they can be introduced in the baby’s diet between four and six months of age. You should start with organic rice flakes and continue with barley, rye, wheat, corn and their combinations. Lots of manufacturers of organic baby food produce varieties of combined cereal matching different stages of development. Besides cereal, everything the baby eats has to be as pure as possible.

The choice of fruit and vegetables seems to be the least demanding, because organic products in this category are easy to find even in hypermarkets in the organic food section. Otherwise, if you need to travel and you cannot give the baby fresh fruit puree, then, a viable choice is the use of canned organic baby food. Such products are usually sterilized and enriched with vitamins for a superior nutritive value. Plus, more nutrients and superior quality of the ingredients results from the organic nature of such food. Consequently, it is time you checked the label of baby food to see whether it is organic or not.