Introduction To Alkaline Diet Food

Many people are starting to find out about the awesome rewards of the alkaline diet. Scientific studies suggest that foods which have an alkalizing effect on the body can boost bone health, promote healthy muscles, maximize energy, and help with innumerable health problems.

While our ancient ancestors ate a diet that was primarily alkaline-forming, we modern humans mostly eat acid-producing foods. This shift has taken place because hunter-gatherers had a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, while most people today eat mostly meat, dairy products, processed grains, and sugar, all of which are acid-forming.

Experts disagree about how much of our diet should be alkalizing, but it is commonly said that around 70 percent of our foods should be alkaline-forming, with the remaining 30 percent consisting of nutrient-dense acid-producing foods. Keep in mind that your body’s pH is influenced by many factors. Air pollution, smoking, and emotional stress are all acidifying. So if you are feeling stressed-out, you may need more alkalizing foods than you would if you were in excellent health.

What Exactly Is an Alkaline Diet Food?

When foods are digested in your stomach, they leave a residue, or “ash,” much as if they had been burned in a fire. An alkaline diet food is a food that primarily consists of alkaline-forming minerals after it has been absorbed. These alkaline-forming minerals include calcium, magnesium, and above all, potassium. Because the richest sources of potassium are fresh fruits and vegetables, these foods are naturally eaten in abundance on the alkaline diet.

In contrast, acid-forming foods tend to be rich in the acid-forming minerals sulfur and phosphorus. These minerals are especially found in certain amino acids which make up the protein in meat and dairy foods. These sulfur- and phosphorus-containing amino acids are important for health, but only when eaten in the right proportion to other types of food.

The best part about alkaline diet food is that it’s delectable. With the right way of eating, you can alkalize your diet without a lot of hassle or expense. And while fast food drains your body of health, alkaline diet food makes you feel alive and energized.

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