Natural Immune System Boosters: Are We Eating The Right Foods?

Traditionally, medicine has been seen as an aid to fighting the bugs and repairing the bones of our day to day lifestyle. But that view point is changing and that change is happening rapidly  More than ever before lifestyle choices are impacting on our health, alarmingly altering our lifetime expectation.

With our modern day obsession for acquiring more real estate , hotter autos, more exotic holidays we are continually swapping quality for quantity and the thing that suffers the most is our own health. the environment we’ve created is literally sapping our own natural resources and we are not replenishing these depleted reserves. Inclusion in our diet of natural immune system boosters is being ignored. As a direct result, our longer term life expectancy is critically shortened.

Increasingly the same conditions are sapping away at our health; obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer. Their occurrences becoming more common by the day. We seem to have blind faith that medical science will ‘cure all’..

Undoubtedly medicine has made huge strides in helping us regain our health but unfortunately this success is almost leading toward its downfall.  Today we seem to want to pass over the responsibility of our health to anyone but ourselves. “Let science sort it out”.

We are failing to take responsibility for our own actions.  Perhaps it’s this attitude has given way to an extraordinary  level of expectation by patients in the antibiotic treatments , and putting doctors  are under ever increasing pressures to deliver immediate results.

Although the results are not as instantaneous as conventional medication the use of an herbal antibiotic should not be ignored. The advantages of this type of treatment is that they are designed to treat the ailment and criticallyboosting the body’s immune system. Typically we can look at a tiredness remedy that also provides immune system boosters.

As a source of medication herbs are too often overlooked in the critical food chain to support and strengthen the immune system. Their anecdotal reputation has been obtained after years of use by our forefathers. But their use has shown herbs are capable of feeding the immune system as well as combating many of the ailments to which we are prone.

Herbs need not be an added expense; you can grow them yourself on a windowsill or in containers. You can dry them yourself; then you’ve got herbs all year around. Even if you cannot grow them yourself there are a number of quality suppliers which will be able to provide herbs at a costyou find acceptable. There’s the convenience of herbal teas, the reputation of Chinese medicinal herbs or perhaps you want to use fresh herbs in your daily cook pot? Then again there’s the homeopathic choice.

You are welcome to review some of the more common uses of our popular herbs at Herb and Herbal Matters.