“Nuts For Your Health”

Going “green” is a popular topic in the media right now. People are quickly realizing that we need to take care of our bodies naturally to improve our health and to lose weight permanently.

Raw nuts such as almonds and walnuts are a must for holistic weight loss. You can actually shed unwanted pounds by strategically eating these throughout the day.

Eating raw nuts do not create the calorie intake that you’d expect because 5% to 15% of calories are not absorbed by your body. This is due to the skin on the nut and how well the nut is chewed up in your mouth. Both have a tendency to influence digestion. The slow release of calories leads to giving you the feeling of fullness.

All nuts are high in protein and healthy fats. Out of all of the different types of nuts, almonds and walnuts are the healthiest.

What will eating raw nuts do to improve your health and decrease your weight? Build muscle. In addition to having protein, almonds have an adequate amount of magnesium, which is crucial to building muscle.  Fight cravings by eating 24 almonds for a snack or before a meal then immediately follow them with a  drink of 8 ounces of water which will suppress your appetite. The water causes the fiber to expand in your stomach making you feel more full.

Major nutritional factors in almonds: fiber, potassium, vitamin E,  magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, monounsaturated fats

Other healthy replacements: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, avocados

Impostors: smoked nuts, peanuts, salted nuts

How to introduce into your diet:

  • Add chopped nuts to your oatmeal.
  • Put a small handful in your blender when making a smoothie.
  • Include raw nuts in your desserts.
  • Eat a small handful of raw nuts 15 min before your meal to curb your appetite
  • Add chopped nuts to a bowl of fresh fruit

Dr Charles Livingston is a structure/function doctor who specializes in advanced nutrition and weight loss. He is also the author and creator of http://www.greenlifeweightloss.com which teaches healthy “green” principles for shedding weight fast naturally.