Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual Offers Valuable Information

We all want to offer our children the most wholesome and chemically free fruits and vergetables we can.  We also want to promote foods that have bee grown in an eco-friendly manner.  

To be totally confident about the foods you eat, growing them yourself with the help of the The Organic Food Garden manual by Julie Villani is your best bet. This is an easy read with easy to following directions for planting a garden to guarantee safe, fresh and delicious organic foods.

The tips Julie reveals in her book on companion planting are invaluable.  You may already be aware of the advantages of planting certain herbs next to particular fruits and vegetables to ward off insects, moles, gophers and other garden pests. There are some plants that will not compliment each other. She also includes many work and time saving secrets every gardener can benefit from.

Julie makes it quite evident that she loves nutritious organic gardening. I am confident you will find her book “Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual,” very useful and will definitely want her Companion Planting Guide as well.

Upon placing your order you will be entitled to several free materials.  “My Garden Diary” is on of the free gifts offered.  Charting the growth of your organic plantings, or lack of, is adamant. Keeping a journal will be a huge benefit next season for you to know what works and what doesn’t.  Imagine creating you own family heirloom to pass on all the valuable information you gain from your personal gardening to the next generation of organic gardeners. 

Seed Saving, Tips & Techniques” is another free gift with your purchase. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have been gardening for 50 years, you will need to know the information inside. 

Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual will include the “4 Year Plot Rotation Plan”.  By rotating your crops you will enjoy higher yields and lower the risk of soil bourn disease. 

The Natural Organic Food by Julie Villani comes with a fantastic money back offer.  Her book downloads instantly, you have two months to read and put to use what you learn. If you are not completely satisfied she offers a full refund.  The manual and bonuses are yours to keep absolutely free.