Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual

Most people today are very conscientous about the food they serve their families and want it to be as safe and pure as it can be.  We also want to promote foods that have bee grown in an eco-friendly manner.  

The Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual by Julie Villani can help you accomplish just that. This is an easy read with easy to following directions for planting a garden to guarantee safe, fresh and delicious organic foods.

This book offers the secrets to companion planting that you will want to implement immediately.  Companion planting is a technique to ward off garden pests without using chemical pesticides or other harmful materials. Of course, you have to be aware of the plants that do not grow well together. Julie will enlighten you about time-saving gardening techniques.

As you read through Julie’s book you will come to share her enthusiasm for organic food gardening. You will also want to purchase Julie’s Companion Planting Guide for further organic gardening information.

After your order is placed several free gifts will be given with it.  A wonderful bonus product “My Garden Diary” will be given with your product purchase.  Charting the growth of your organic plantings, or lack of, is adamant. Keeping a daily log will give you valuable information for the next planting season.  Future generations will appreciate looking through these journals not only as a gardening tool but to learn about their ancestors. 

“Seed Saving, Tips & Techniques” is a free gift that you will want to add to your gardening tool shed. This is money saving information any organic gardner would love to know. 

You will also receive absolutely free her guide for a “4 Year Plot Rotation Plan”.  You will discover why and how to rotate your crops for maximum growth and less crop loss. 

Because of Julie’s great money back guarantee you do not have to hesitate to purchase her Organic Food Gardening Manual.  You can have access to this manual and keep it for two months. If you discover this book is not everything you expected or were promised Julie will return your entire investment.  The manual and bonuses are yours to keep absolutely free.