Red wine as anti aging treatment?

Are you familiar with the French Paradox?? It poses a simple question that asks why French people can indulge in the various fatty foods and yet live a healthy life without running the risks of heart diseases. Red wine has been in the spotlight, and various tests have been conducted to check the results of consuming this great drink. Let us take a quick look at how red wine stops aging.

The Benefits Of Red Wine

Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine. This compound has high anti-oxidant properties. Being a type of polyphenol, Resveratrol’s presence can be traced to the grapes that are used to make the red wine. This flavonoid Resveratrol is seen to be present in the skins of the grapes, and has some great qualities, making red wine a healthy choice for you!

The presence of anti-oxidants in red wine prevents the free radicals created in your body from damaging your cells increasing their lives. Red wine even has preventive effects on your body against tumors and cancers. These are two important qualities that make Anti Aging and Red wine closely related to each other.

However this does not mean that you drink huge amount of red wine everyday! A regular diet of 1 to 2 glasses of red wine does the trick and provides you with enough Resveratrol needed by your body for the good results. The alcohol content of the wine also keeps a check on your cholestrol levels. This is also a good sign and can help to prevent cardiac problems.

Some other favorable results of red wine have also been noted. For example, red wine can help to fight against common cold. It reduces the effects of fatty foods like fries, etc if consumed with them. Various tests have proved that red wine increases the life of various organisms, like yeast. These are all the favorable results of red wine.

Hence the Resveratrol content in red wine gives it all the qualities of the polyphenol. However for people who don’t drink alcohol, health supplement pills using Resveratrol extracts are also available. However,isnt it great that your favorite drink also adds to your life? A couple of glasses each day and you would discover the secret of anti aging and red wine, and live the French Paradox.

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