Selecting Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

Stating the Case for Vitamins and Mineral Supplements:

The U.S. Surgeon General has advised that, of the 2.4 million deaths in the USA per year, an amazing 75% come from diseases brought on by a lack of nutrition, resulting in preventable diseases.

Professionals agree that our diets do not have the necessary balance of vitamins and nutrients.

Recent studies reveal that many staple foods lack the nutritional value that they had years ago. Here is an example sourced from the Japan Standardized Ingredients List:

Amounts of Vitamin C in 100g of Spinach

  • 1950 = 150mg
  • 1963 = 100mg
  • 1982 = 063mg
  • 1994 = 013mg

Here’s a further interesting fact: Quoting the American Journal of Cardiology, over 70% of heart specialists take supplements to help prevent heart disease but their patients do not.
Have you ever stopped to consider what may happen if we do not get the vital ingredients our bodies need on a daily basis?

Why The Need For Multivitamins Tablets?:

A lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients may contribute to significant illnesses such as heart and degenerative diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer and osteoporosis. Lowered resistance can also be linked to other issues such as fatigue, headaches, mood swings,  nervous dispositions and a greater susceptibility to colds, influenza and pneumonia.

It is fair to say, that our diets are usually lacking in both balanced nutrients and health value. Most exercise regimes and daily diet regimens are not enough for what we need. Nutritional supplements, organic vitamins and multivitamin tablets are a great way to get those vital nutrients we lack, reduce the risk of disease and improve our health. We can only summarise by saying that everybody need extra nutritional help!

Choosing Vitamins Online

Vitamins in a capsule form are one of the ideal delivery systems. Enteric coatings aid supplements by helping them get to the right part of the digestive system before release. When considering any vitamins online or nutrition supplement – check out the list of key active ingredients. Any labels or documentation should clarify nutrients and daily active ingredients.

Supplements do not take the place of your daily diet, they are simply an addition to help achieve the balanced nutrition levels you need. Always verfiy that any supplement you are thinking about is beneficial for your health. Refer to your health professional.