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This article of Swiss Sciences nutrition advice will talk about about the effects of processed foods on our health.

Unprocessed Foods

Eating fresh, whole, unprocessed foods in a wide variety has been shown to be preferable to processed foods.

A National Geographic Magazine article from November, 2005, looks into why some people seem to have high life spans. It talks about three populations of people around the world that have unusually long life spans and who suffer from only a small fraction of the diseases that kill people in the rest of the world. In comes down to about three things these people tend to eat that are responsible for there long life spans and exceptional health. Low calorie diets that consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the three things these 3 groups of people tend to eat.

Eating whole plant foods will slow your body’s digestive processes and will allow for better absorption of nutrients and provides a balance of essential nutrients. This will result in better cell growth management, maintenance, and cell division. It will also result in a better regulation of your appetite and your body’s blood sugar levels. It has also been shown that it is better to eat regularly scheduled meals as opposed to infrequent meals. This is the approach to nutrition that Swiss Sciences Nutrition is in agreement with.

Processed Foods

Pasteurization is one of the leading processes that are used to allow food to last longer, but it also alters the food’s original nutritional content. While pasteurization and other methods of prolonging food storage have improved the safety of many foods and prevent bacterial infection, they also have some negative effects as well.

Diseases related to obesity have been increasing throughout the world. The increasing application of these food processing technologies has been a great contributor to this development. It is so much cheaper and easier to produce foods in this way and they last a lot longer. As a result of greater amount of consumption around the world of these cheaper and longer lasting foods, the amount of nutrition related health problems has also increased.

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