The Popular Acai Berry

It was only recently that few people had heard of the acai juice but, nowadays, it is difficult to not notice the large number of acai berry products on the market. Not only there is a lot of products containing this berry sold in health food stores including the vitamin store GNC or Whole Foods but you are likely to find tons of acai berry drinks in everyday grocery stores that you go to often including Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, Kroger, Vons, Price Chopper and so on. Basically, if you wish to try an acai berry juice, it is easy to just pick one up the next time you are shopping for groceries.

The acai berry became interesting when people read about all its health benefits. Not only a lot of well known scientists and experts claim that maybe the fruit of the acai palm tree is one of the most nutritious fruits on Earth, but some researchers even published that there is a possibility that it might help cure cancer. In a well known experiement conducted and published by the University of Florida, the acai berry killed a substantial amount of cancer in sample cells. More research needs to be conducted, of course, but a large number of people are hopeful because it is a great start which can lead to finding a cure for cancer.

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Açaí Health – Açaí Benefits Are Amazing

The Açaí Berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) has achieved superfood status in recent years due to its natural health benefits. Major news channels such as ABC, CNN, Fox News and CBS News have featured the health benefits of the açaí berry. Putting the news headlines aside, what is the açaí berry and of what value are its health benefits?.

The purpose of this article is to tell you about the Açaí Berry, where it comes from, its nutritional value and how açaí health vitamins can improve our health.

The Açaí Palm Berry:
Açaí berries have been a staple diet of the Amazonian people for hundreds of years. It grows in the wetland and rain forests on a special palm tree which grows to a height of 15 to 30 meters.
Each açaí palm can produce =around 20 Kilograms of berries per year. Açaí berries are black purple in color and harvested twice a year usually early in the morning. The individual açaí berry’s can grow up to 1-inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter and tastes like a blend of chocolate and berries.

For years the açaí berry remained a staple diet only for the local peoples and creatures of the Amazonian rain forests. However, the people of Brazil came to understand the unique properties of the fruit and the açaí berry became widely used in a number of forms which include basic food supplements, energy drinks, liqueur and flavoring for ice-cream.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Acai Berries?

Acai Berry Benefits

In today’s world if you are going on a diet your choices are as varied as there are cultures in the world. They all promise success with very little effort on your part and a new beginning in a slim body. True, some of these diets are natural, but others are synthetically produced and have side effects which are not so good for you.

There is a super, natural, food product that is becoming very popular in the western world. It’s called the acai berry.

We all know that by supplementing your exercise program with a natural supplement will be more effective. No synthetically manufactured diet pills will do. Well, of course, but if having nervousness, higher blood pressure, headaches etc. bothers you, then don’t use them. Its time to go natural with the acai berry.

So you are almost sold? Want to know more about acai berry?

The acai berry is produced by the acai palm tree. For hundreds of years this berry has been harvested by natives of South America. The acai is not a very remarkable looking fruit, somewhat like our purple grape in size and shape and is remarkably delicious. The acai berry makes up almost fifty percent of the diet of natives and peoples of South America. These berries are used in fruit drinks, on cereal, sprinkled on ice cream and this is just some of the ways the acai is used.

The acai berry has been the primary food and a energy source the South American natives and other population in the regions where the acai berry or acai palm is grown. The acai fruit has a high good fat content and it’s most commonly found in its freeze-dried form or as a powder around the world.

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What Are Acai Berries and Are They Really That Good?

If you haven’t heard of the Acai Berries, you are way out of today’s loop! These remarkable, power-packed, little berries from the Acai Palm tree are native to the forests and flood lands of Central and Southern America. The berries are dark purple and grow in clusters just like those of grapes. They resemble grapes but are smaller and more purple. They have an extremely large seed, not much pulp and were usually made into a wine. The acai have been around for years but were only introduced to the western world in the 1990’s.

The natives of the Amazon have consumed these berries for centuries and have realized the excellent health benefits that come from them. The tribes people used the acai berries to provide energy, build the immune system, kill infection, protect the heart and control prostate enlargement. This information was given from generation to generation by their tribal medicine people.

At some point, the Brazilian beach goers discovered the energy boost of the Acai Berries and added the acai to smoothies. They say the acai tastes like effervescent berries with a hint of chocolate. The smoothies became very popular among the trendy, beach people. Researchers soon discovered the magic little berry and found that, in addition to providing an energy boost, the acai is rich in proteins; fibre; minerals, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium; Omega 6, also known as linoleic acid; Omega 9, also known as oleic acid; and including these vitamins: B1, B2, B3, C and E. The Acai Berries also have up to thirty-three times as much Anthocyanin as red wine grapes.

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