Are Supplements Right for Your Body?

Just turn on the TV and you’ll see that fitness and health are important topics with just about everyone these days. You can tell by all the health-related magazines, TV and radio programs and Web sites everywhere you turn. Health information has become more common because it’s hard to stay healthy in our modern world and people are asking for all the help they can get. That’s probably because as a society our diets aren’t as naturally rich with vitamins and minerals as they used to be. Consuming calories from junk food that taste good but offer no nutrition has created a world filled with people who weigh more than they want to and are generally less healthy. That move away from what’s natural for us also means we don’t have the same intuitive understanding of what’s good for our bodies that our ancestors might have had, because in addition to fostering the trend toward eating junk food, the industrial age has caused a shift away from manual labor for many. That combination has created the need to find other ways to stay healthy.

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