Improve Your Poor Diet With Nutrient Rich Chlorella

A lot of us eat without really thinking about the food that we are putting into our bodies.  This is extremely unfortunate because diet is crucial to human health.  A good diet depends on choosing what to eat and how much to eat, because otherwise food can actually harm someone.  People’s food choices in Japan have significantly changed in recent years, with the Japanese diet becoming more and more like the American and European diet, leading to an increase in various diseases that are associated with the Western diet increasing in Japan.  This new Japanese diet is high in protein and fat and low in fiber, just the way the Western diet is. 

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Chlorella Can Give Your Body A Nutritional Boost

Each food we eat has a different, specific effect on the body.  Meat and fish are rich in protein and help to build the body’s muscle structure, while carbohydrate foods like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta are rich in sugar and are instantly converted to energy and also stored for energy.  Vegetables and fruits have an abundant amount of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiver, and antioxidants that help other foods to do their jobs.  Because each food has its own role in the body, getting the correct amount of each food is vital. 

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