9 Fish Oil Benefits Validated By Clinical Scientists

A huge amount of research indicates that, not only are the benefits of fish oil numerous, some of them are actually very extraordinary! It seems that new research is being written about everyday, as researchers and physicians learn even more about how and why it is so beneficial. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are “good fats” that are necessary for optimal health. They are crucial for human health but the body can’t make them — you must get them from your diet. Here are some proven fish oil benefits that should persuade you to consume more oily,
wild-caught fish and start taking a quality fish oil supplement if you’re not already!

Promotes Cardiovascular Health & Protects Against Heart Attacks and Stroke

Fish oil continues to increase in scientific credibility as a significant component to heart health. According to statements from the American Heart Association, fish oil is effective in lessening the incidence of heart disease and helps to reduce risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Clinical studies of heart attack survivors have found that daily fish oil supplements dramatically minimize the risk of dying, subsequent heart attacks and stroke. Omega-3s also lower blood triglycerides, help correct abnormal heart rhythms, and can help prevent and treat atherosclerosis by inhibiting the formation of plaque and blood clots, which often clog arteries.

Lessens Inflammation/Pain

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The Right Kind Of Nutrition Allows You To Experience Better Health

You are what you eat and there is no doubt about this, it doesn’t take science to reveal the secrets that our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew. The way you feel, the way you look and kind of health you enjoy is all governed by the way you nourish your body.

Eating healthy and making sure of taking the right supplements if required can prevent all kinds of dread diseases from happening in the human body. Sometimes even the simplest of fruits and vegetables eaten in the right quantities can protect and boost the immune system immeasurably. When this system is protected, virtually the entire body has an extra element of health support.

Eating the correct foods to maintain optimum health not only means eating good quantities of fruit and veggies, it also means knowing what to use in your diet which may prevent certain illnesses from occurring. It is also possible to eat certain foods if you are already suffering from an illness, for example cancer, and you want to successfully fight against the disease.

The Agaricus Blazei Muril or agaricus Brazil mushroom is a good example of a cancer fighting food. Ronald Regan researched the qualities of this food stuff which is eaten in the Amazon, he used it and credited it with successfully curing his skin cancer.

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How Nutrition is linked with Cancer Anticipation

For many years it had been assumed that what you ate every day had little or nothing to try to to with helping within the prevention of the many of our deadliest cancers. However, recent research has proven that nutrition will indeed play a major role within the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer.

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are believed to reinforce and unfold malignancies through the bodies system, and this is often required to assist forestall cancer. There also are vitamins and minerals that help to prevent the growth of tumors.

The National Cancer Institute has reported that one third of all cancer is diet related. They need conjointly gone on to mention that making changes in the diet will help to forestall most of the cancer that’s connected to nutrition.

Analysis has shown that diets that include fruits and vegetables eaten on a daily bases, in keeping with the recommended daily allowance, offer a reduced risk of the majority of the deadliest cancers. For a diet to provide a reduced risk, bound vitamins and minerals must be included. This means that foods that are wealthy in bioflavonoids, fiber, and vitamins A, C, and E must be consumed regularly. These all appear to help to slow, stop, and even reverse the method that ends up in cancer.

Now, everyone knows that cigarette smoking is one amongst the leading causes of cancer, particularly cancer of the lungs. But several of the cancers caused by smoking are connected to a severe lack of vitamin C. Cigarette smoking depletes vitamin C within the body very quickly. It’s highly suggested that smokers follow a diet with additional fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of vitamin C to replenish the bodies depleted supply.

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Combat Cancer – Eat More Chocolate!

In one of those health and nutrition stories that make you think “when are they going to tell us to start smoking because it’s beneficial”, Chocoholics around the world can quite literally take heart from research that shows chocolate can help you live longer.According to US research, people who eat chocolate and sweets up to three times a month live almost a year longer than those who eat a lot or those who steer clear of the stuff altogether.Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health studied almost 8,000 American men aged 65 for a five-year period. The results were adjusted for other risk factors, including smoking and alcohol intake.

Chocolate, which was the obsession of the Aztecs (even today chocolate is used as a routine ingredient in Latin American cooking) was brought to Europe after the Conquistadors’ conquest of South America.Chocolate is big business with a global market valued at around billion, so this research is excellent news for the manufacturers.

It’s great news too for the British, who consume on average 14 kilograms per person of sugar confectionery each year.OK, that’s not just chocolate bars, but includes chocolate biscuits, Jaffa cakes, Easter Eggs, chocolate drinks etc.In contrast, and not as you would have thought given their reputation for obesity, the average American only eats around 6.5 kilograms of the stuff in the same time period.

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Do you know what apricot kernels are?

Have you heard about apricot kernels before?

If I’m truthful, I had actually never even heard of apricot kernel until very recently. I had no idea what they were. Actually they are merely the seeds or stones of an apricot.

We’ve all eaten apricots before, but usually it’s only after we have eaten the apricot that we see the kernel – when we are throwing it out!

But, raw apricot kernals are one of the healthiest foods for you.

The one biggest reason apricot kernels are so healthy is that they are very high in vitamin B 17. Many foods have vit b17 in them, but not many that we eat in the western diets. On top of this apricot kernels have higher levels of the vitamin than most of these other foods, and this is why you should include them into your diet.

Vit b17 is thought by many to be a natural prevention and treatment for cancer. As of yet, no clinical studies have been done to prove this, and there has been plenty of controvercial legal arguments about whether apricot kernels can be sold as a “cancer cure”, but even so, there are many people who are certain of the cancer prevention properties of the kernel.

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