The Cholesterol Found In Egg

The cholesterol found in daily soft boiled eggs will not raise blood cholesterol level but rather affects the blood cholesterol balance in a beneficial direction. Of course we are warned against the veiled threats that confront us covertly in the food we buy. The newly designed molecules that nature has never known, and whose chemical/biological toxicity that is only superficially studied, is an always exciting ingredient in our daily diet. I am talking about the different additives that petrochemical industry has gradually altered in our diet and consequently affect our health and quality of life or lack thereof. It is just natural to be aware of these petro-chemical products, as much should be worried when suddenly people are warned against eating something as natural as eggs. Something that is part of our daily lives. Through decades of cholesterol fear, everybody has been anxious about the mere thought of enjoying a soft boiled egg. No more than one egg a week! – Was the slogan for years.

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Crucial Considerations On Why Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease

The terms cholesterol and heart disease seem to be permanently linked together, almost as if the former is the main cause of the latter. This is not true at all, however, as the majority of evidence links atherosclerosis as the primary cause of coronary heart disease, a condition caused when ruptured scar tissue appears within artery linings, as opposed to the actual buildup of plaque on the walls themselves. Certain scientists believe that as cholesterol moves within our bloodstream it invariably sticks to the artery walls, leading to a heart attack, even though a body of opinion provides contrary evidence. A great deal of publicity has been given to the circulation of cholesterol within our bloodstream, automatically linked to saturated fat content and we are told that these two “evils” inevitably provide a dangerous blockage as they cling to the artery linings.

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Learn How To Improve HDL Cholesterol Ranges

There are actually countless ways to boost HDL cholesterol ranges. Apparently you can obtain medicines that increase the HDL levels like niacin. Which may enhance HDL cholesterol up to 33%. I do not personally enjoy any of the FDA accepted drugs and prescription. The reason being is, Because, they constantly have a number of cholesterol drug side effects which will damage fitness.

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Little Known Ways to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

a. The Myth of Good and Bad Cholesterol

A lot of folks always think cholesterol is not good, but you can actually classify it into two types. LDL and HDL are the two types – the bad one and the good one. If you have plaque build-up in your artery, that means you have too much LDL. This usually results in narrow arterial openings, which will mean a slower and lesser flow of blood. You should stop blaming dietary cholesterol for having a high level of cholesterol in your blood. Instead, you should point the finger at your high levels of both Trans fat and saturated fat. If you take in a lot of healthy, fibrous foods and exercise often, you can keep your cholesterol levels down.

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Lowering your Cardiac Disease Risk by Control of Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol and decreasing your threat of heart disease are linked increasingly today as people become more aware of a connection between their {blood cholesterol level} and the risk of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiac disease.

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Useful Tips To Manage Cholesterol And A Healthier You

blood cholesterol

The two sources of cholesterol are food and your own body. Only 25% of the body’s cholesterol comes from food and the rest is produced naturally in your cells and liver. The good news is that you won’t have to give up every egg and cookie to maintain a healthy heart. In fact, even if you are predisposed to heart disease or diabetes, there are many simple lifestyle modifications that you can make to ensure that you live the healthy, happy life you’ve imagined.

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