9 Fish Oil Benefits Validated By Clinical Scientists

A huge amount of research indicates that, not only are the benefits of fish oil numerous, some of them are actually very extraordinary! It seems that new research is being written about everyday, as researchers and physicians learn even more about how and why it is so beneficial. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are “good fats” that are necessary for optimal health. They are crucial for human health but the body can’t make them — you must get them from your diet. Here are some proven fish oil benefits that should persuade you to consume more oily,
wild-caught fish and start taking a quality fish oil supplement if you’re not already!

Promotes Cardiovascular Health & Protects Against Heart Attacks and Stroke

Fish oil continues to increase in scientific credibility as a significant component to heart health. According to statements from the American Heart Association, fish oil is effective in lessening the incidence of heart disease and helps to reduce risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Clinical studies of heart attack survivors have found that daily fish oil supplements dramatically minimize the risk of dying, subsequent heart attacks and stroke. Omega-3s also lower blood triglycerides, help correct abnormal heart rhythms, and can help prevent and treat atherosclerosis by inhibiting the formation of plaque and blood clots, which often clog arteries.

Lessens Inflammation/Pain

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University Of Fish Oil – Become An Authority On Fish Oil In Less Than 1 Minute

Omega-3 fatty acids might seem like a big scary phrase scientists discuss, but it’s actually very simple. They’re nutrients, like carbs and proteins and the like. The name Omega-3 comes from the shape and type of the molecules that it’s composed of. Like all nutrients, we obtain them from the food that we ingest. Fish is generally where we can get {a great deal|most|much of} our Omega-3 needs; or should I say, where we don’t get our needs. See, most people don’t buy enough fish to get enough Omega 3s. More often, people usually get their Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils.

I realize that most readers might read “fatty acids” and automatically assume that it’s not good for your body, but that’s not the case. In the 1970s, scientists studying the Greenland Inuit people observed that even if they took in significant quantities of fatty acids from the seafood they ate, they had significantly minimal rates of cardiovascular disease. The US FDA finally observed the link between good fatty acids and heart health back in 2004, assigning a “qualified health claim” status to good fatty acids like Omega-3s.

So what makes these Omega-3s so special? Well, Omega-3s are a type of essential fatty acid (EFA). EFAs are vital to our bodies to function properly. That’s the reason they’re called “essential” fatty acids and not optional fatty acids. If we don’t consume sufficient EFAs, we run the risk of heart disease, arthritis, and numerous other chronic ailments. Some studies have also demonstrated that a lack of EFAs could lead to weight gain and depression. EFAs also support brain functioning and proper development, especially in children. You recall how many people say fish is brain food? They’re referring to the EFAs in fish.

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The Benefits of Krill Oil

Have you been looking for a supplement that will help you live longer and look younger? If so, Krill Oil can enhance your immune system, cell health, joint pain and increase stamina.

Indigenous tribes have known about Nordic krill oil for hundreds of years but this ingredient in supplement form is just now making waves in today’s society.  The benefits of Krill Oil supplements are unrivaled, actually protecting the skin and body but at the cellular level.  When taking this supplement, vast improvements are seen in the skin with the reduction of lines, wrinkles, and sagginess, the heart, joints, stamina, and for women, Krill oil reduces or alleviates symptoms of PMS.

Without doubt, Neptune Krill oil can do what no other fish oil can accomplish.  The primary reason that this type of supplement is so amazing is that it is loaded with phospholipids, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.  The three ingredients are natural and powerful, working to improve muscle, increasing joint function, reducing pain, and boosting the cardiovascular system, not to mention improvements in skin’s appearance and texture.

Interestingly, many creatures of the sea have taught us so much, such as the whale.  The favorite food of whale is Krill due to being rich in phospholipids, a substance rich in omega 3 fatty acids.  These fish live in Antarctic waters and when used for making supplements, the body can absorb the oil easier and faster than other fish oil supplements.  As a result, cell membranes begin to rebuild, becoming stronger and working in a more efficient manner.

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