Help Your Teen Eat Properly

With today’s lifestyle the average teenager may find that they by no means, have healthy eating habits.  Between classes they may grab a chocolate bar out of the vending machine at school or they run by the store and grab some chips before heading to their friend’s house. It is difficult to constantly monitor what your teen may or may not be eating.

Teenagers today are very busy. They have social events, after school activities, part-time work, sports activities and a whole range of things that keeping them occupied. Sometimes sitting down and enjoying a healthy home cooked meal is something they don’t want to take the time to do.

With the way that body image is portrayed today in the media, teenagers, especially girls, may also feel that if they eat too much that they will get gain weight. So grabbing a chocolate bar here or there for a quick sugar rush that will provide them with energy may be more appealing to them than sitting at home with mum and dad and eating a full meal.

The way teenagers eat is also affected by the many food fad myths circulating around in the media. They may avoid sugar totally because of someone telling them of sugar causing acne. Or, they may avoid salads because they believe the concept that ALL oils will do the same.

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